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  • Fish Pharmacology And Toxicology: Research Reviews

    Govind Pandey

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  • Nutrient Dynamics In Freshwater Fish Culture System

    C B T Rajagopalsamy, V Ramadhas

    Item Code: #9788170352440

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  • Appropriate Technologies For North East India

    U S N Murty

    Item Code: #9788185211930

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  • Bird Feather Science

    Pravin N Charde, Rucha S Karanjekar

    Item Code: #9788176222754

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    "The basic structure of feather is described in this book. And a new logic of feather science is applied to study the feathers. This book reveals the application of a new and innovative concept called ptilochronology to study the sexual behavior of birds specially Japanese Quail. Ptilochronology is an interesting tool by which feather growth can be measured. The idea of ptilochronology was first introduced by Grubb in 1989. It is a growing branch of ornithology which opens ways to a number of areas such as avian behavior, ecology, conservation biology and remains a lot to do. This is the first study on this subject in the country.
    Our aim is to share this innovative technique with the developing researchers in science and veterinary science, a new concept with the students, an interesting idea with the students, an interesting idea with the bird lovers, bird watchers and knowledge with the other readers. As you will read this book, you will learn how to use the technique.
  • Light Trap: An Eco-Friendly IPM Tool

    Sanjay Vaishampayan, S M Vaishampayan

    Item Code: #9789351247463

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  • Small Ruminant Production In India Strategies For Enhancing

    O H Chaturvedi, S A Karim

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  • Biodiversity In India Vol. 5

    T Pullaiah

    Item Code: #9788189233716

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    The present volume 5 of Biodiversity in India includes ten articles with main emphasis on medicinal plants and ethnobotany. For the first time we included of animal diversity. The first article is on Millipedes and their conservation. The next two articles are on medicinal plants against respiratory complaints and eye diseases. Ethnobotany of East Godavari district is given in Chapter 4, Anantapur district in Chapter 7 and Komaralad Mandal in Chapter 8. Medicinal uses of orchids is given in the following Chapter 5 and Green medicine of Tirupati - Kadapa - Nallamalai region in Chapter 6. A conspectus of the Tribe Eragrostidae in Andhra Pradesh is given in Chapter 9. The last Chapter deals with cultivated plants of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Insect Pest Management: Ecological Concepts

    T V Sathe, Jyoti M Oulkar

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    Insect pest management is chronic problem of agriculture, forestry and other areas. Ecological control of insect pests is very sound and ecofriendly alternative for chemical control in pest management strategies. The book contains national and international status of the topic; detailed concepts of ecological insect pest management of various kinds of pests. Specially biotic and abiotic factors and their role in pest control. It also provides details of rearing technology of pests and parasitoids. Emphasis is given on ecological aspects such as survey and occurrence, life cycle, development, longevity, sex ratio, nutritional requirement, ecobiology, life table statistics and intrinsic rates of natural increase, parasitoids, predators, diseases, intra and inter specific competitions and their role in control of Lepidopterous pests like Spilosoma obliqua, Amsacta lactinea and Thiocidas postica. The book will fulfill the gap of ecological knowledge on insect pest management and helpful to students, teachers, scientists and farmers both in India and abroad.
  • Upyogi Keet Paalan

    Abhisek Shukla

    Item Code: #9788170359098

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  • Insects

    Url Lanham

    Item Code: #9788189729424

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  • Fauna Of British India, Ceylon And Burma - Coleoptera: Chysomelidae

    S Maulik

    Item Code: #9788170191452

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  • Perspectives In Animal Ecology And Reproduction Vol. 01

    V K Gupta

    Item Code: #9788170352723

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