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  • Microbiological Examination Of Water And Wastewater

    Csaba Csuros, Maria Csuros

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    Microbiological tests have proven to be an indispensable part of environmental contaminant detection. It has also been tremendously difficult to find a comprehensive training manual and laboratory manual for those procedures. Microbiological Examination of Water and Wastewater now provides that much-needed resource for laboratory trainees and environmental professionals alike. An all-inclusive guide to applications and techniques of microbiological testing, Microbiological Examination of Water and Wastewater includes coverage of General Microbiology, Environmental Microbiology, Environmental Microbiology Laboratory, plus Techniques and Methods in Routine Environmental Microbiology Laboratory. By exploring the fundamentals of microbiology, as well as microbial metabolism, growth, control, and classification, trainees will better understand the purpose and manner of microbiological examination. Those details also make Microbiological Examination of Water and Wastewater ideal as a standard guidebook for laboratories, water and wastewater treatment plants, and the communities they serve.
  • Water: A Manual For Engineers Architects Planners And Managers

    Ashok Kumar Jain

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    The crisis of water all over has brought renewed focus on the urgent need for sustainable management of the water resource. This issue is interwined and integrated to cultural, historical, political economic and social development, which have bearing on the regional stability and international cooperation. Fast increasing population is leading to indiscriminate expansion of urban footprints on the landscape of India. This is putting unbearable pressure on the ever-dwindling water resource. Its sustainable development would chart the course for the future growth of the country. Therefore, it is imperative not only to initiate new projects and upgrade our present infrastructure, but also to promote water conservation. This book provides a holistic and a comprehensive perspective to understand, analyze and deal with the short term and long range issue which are involved in the planning, conservation and management of the water resource. It provides a window to much needed basic information for the engineers, planners, architects, managers and all those involved with water management.
  • Trainers Training Module On Water Resource Management

    A Mrunalini, Neelam Grewal

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  • Greenhouses And Shelter Structure For Tropical Regions

    Christian Von Zabeltitz, W O Baudoin

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    Greenhouses and shelter structures for tropical regions is a manual in the series of technical papers prepared by the FAO Horticultural Crops Group, Crop and Grassland Service, Plant Protection Division. The text provides technical guidelines for the design and construction of simple and low-cost shelter structures in the tropics and also reviews the cultivation practices to be applied for sustainable and intensified crop management under these greenhouses structures. There is a range of possibilities depending on the crop requirements, the specific climate conditions of the area, marketing considerations and financial parameters. Detailed technical specifications are given, including drawings, illustrations and diagrams of various construction types.
  • Laboratory Manual Of Water And Wastewater Analysis

    D R Khanna, R Bhutiani

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    Today, water and waste water analysis has become increasingly important for may resons. And for this reson, the objective has been to make avilable the information in single book. This book has been written to fulfill the need for a simple and concise manual on water and wastewater analysis. To make things easier for you there are flow diagrams of each parameter analysis. It is hoped that this book would be useful for students, UG and PG level scientists, teachers, water analysts and for all those persons engaged in water and wastewater analysis.
  • Aquatic Plants For The Wastewater Treatment

    Alka Rani Upadhyay

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    Present book is the findings of innovative research work conducted on the wastewater treatment by non-conventional method. Aquatic plants have been tested under different experimental conditions for tertiary treatment of wastewater and amazing observations are cited in the book. Biomass generated through sequestration of nutrients are recommend for multiple economical benefits.
  • Advances In Aquatic Ecology Vol. 6

    Vishwas B. Sakhare, P. R. D. Los Rios Escalante

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    Advances in Aquatic Ecology Volume 6 provides 38 articles on recent researches on Mangorve biodiversity, Fish biology, Water pollution, Planktonology, Pollution studies etc. With its application oriented and interdisciplinary approach, the book would be immensely useful to students, teachers, researchers, scientists, policy makers, environmental lawyers and others interested in aquatic ecology.
  • Water Pollution And Its Recent Challenges

    Hashmat Ali

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  • Sustainable Rainwater Harvesting And Groundwater Rechare In Developing Countires

    Vasant Takalkar, A R Shivakumar, Tanuja N Ariyananda

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  • Advances In Aquatic Ecology Vol. 8

    Vishwas B. Sakhare, B Vasanthkumar

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  • Emerging Trends In Watershed Management

    R P Yadav

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    This book has 59 chapters under six broad themes. Under natural resource appraisal theme status of soil erosion, land degradation, surface and ground water availability and quality, impact of human and livestock on biodiversity and land quality were discussed. Efficient techniques of water harvesting systems, ground water utilization and multiple uses for sustaining productivity were discussed under rainwater management for sustainable productivity. Alternative land use systems for improving land degradation and enhancing economic returns were discussed at great length in section 4. The topic under institutional mechanisms and policy issues were benefit sharing mechanism among stakeholders, capacity building and community empowerment, impacts and implications of watershed guidelines and gender and equity issues. It is hoped that the book will prove very useful to scholars, managers, policy makers and society at large in achieving environmental and livelihood security for the people of the country.
  • Technological Applications In Wastewater Engineering

    S N Kaul, Ashutosh Gautam, Ludia Szpyrkowicz

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    The traditional approach of applying tried-and-true solutions to specific pollution problems has been a major factor contributing to the success of environmental engineering, and in large measure has accounted for the establishment of a methodology However, realizing the already great complexity of current environmental problems, and understanding that, as times goes on, these issues will become more complex and interrelated, render it imperative that intelligent planning of pollution abatement systems must be undertaken. Prerequisite to such planning is an understanding of the performance, potential, and limitations of the various methods of pollution abatement available for the environmental engineering. The concepts and engineering methodology presented in this book is a logical step towards combining both the issues for better understanding of the concepts.

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