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  • Socialisation And Education Of Nomad Children In Delhi State


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  • Growing Old Mirthfully

    A P Talwar

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  • Research Priorities In North East India: With Special Reference To Arunachal Pradesh

    Gurudas Das

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    Arunachal Pradesh is one of the backward areas of the North-Eastern Region of India having diverse ethnic groups and diverse problems. This book is the outcome of the panel discussion sponsored by the ICSSR-NERC held at the Arunachal University, Doimukh. This volume highlights some of the areas in social science research which can be taken-up for further research.
  • Social Stratification And Mobility In A Developing Indian City

    D J Shashikala

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    Social stratification is concerned with the aspirations and hopes of the people and the primary object is to apply the findings directly to the tracking down of social welfare. The study is to assess the condition of being arranged in social strata or classes within a group or the act or process or arranging persons into classes or social strata. In a country like India, even today, religious elucidation is categorized by purity; no individual mobility; clearly separated, self-regulating groups can be found. The present study endeavors to stumble on the socio-economic symphony of the people and their responsibility in the caste, class and political participation. Social stratification and mobility happens to be an enduring feature of any organized society. Varying in form, social stratification has existed in all societies which proclaimed the equality of men. The major focus of studies in this arena is to draw attention to the stratification and whereabouts in an urban society. The present work unravels and discovers to categorize the features conscientious for the ongoing changes in a developing Indian city.
  • Economic Activities Of Children: Dimension Causes And Consequences

    B M Dinesh

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  • Womens Empowerment: Issues Challenges And Strategies A Source Book

    Hajira A Kumar, Jaimon Varghese

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  • Encyclopaedia Of Rural Management In 15 Vols

    Manoj Kumar, S B Muniraju

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    The encyclopedia covers wide horizons and deals with various issues related to rural management viz. Changes in rural income and distribution, employment opportunities, rural welfare, water and other resources management together with other aspects of global rural life. This is an attempt to understand the problems in the development of rural sector and to suggest certain management strategies in this regards.
    The Encyclopedia of Rural Management comprises of volumes as under:
    Role of International Organisations in Rural Development
    Empowerment of Rural Women
    Rural Development and Gandhian Thoughts
    Rural Sociology
    Rural Infrastructure Management Programmes
    WTO and Agriculture
    Rural Development Challenges and Opportunities for Tomorrow
    Rural Health Care Programmes
    Rural Energy Programmes
    Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Institutions
    Rural Groundwater: Problems and Management
    Agricultural Waste Management
    Rural Environmental Management
    Poverty Alleviation and Rural Development
    Rural Child Labour
  • Trends In Social Sciences And Humanities In North East India (1947-97)

    R Gopalakrishnan, C J Thomas, L S Gassah, D R Syiemlieh, J P Singh

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  • Methods In Political And Social Research

    Sharda Rath

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    The present work is an introduction to research techniques for the scholars of social sciences. It makes the research technique simple even with the use of quantitative analysis and avoids, as far as possible, unnecessary complicated sophistications in methodology. It will help understand the basic research procedure which is to be followed-the way scientific tools and concepts are to be used and the theoretical considerations are to be approached. In fact, the present volume is devoted mostly to empirical research method with the illustrative data from the fields of both political and social sciences.
  • People At Work Place: Developing And Managing Human Resources

    Rashmi Mishra

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    This book is an attempt to integrate social sciences and use socially relevant and scientific language from an organizational perspective. Effective organizational strategies are required for the organization to accomplish its mission while being guided by an investment perspective. This book focuses on the general concept of strategic human resource management and the relatively broad concepts of corporate level and strategic business unit considerations.Human resource strategy focuses on the alignment of the organization s human resource practices, policies and programmes with corporate and strategic business unit plans. The process of development of consistent human resource policies and practices are important concerns of general management as well as the human resource function.This book will be useful to researchers, students and other professionals having interest in development of an organization and in facilitating corporate governance, management and administration in an effective direction.
  • Juvenile Justice: An Indian Scenario

    Sunil K Bhattacharya

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  • Offences Against Children: Socio-Legal Perspectives

    K Kumar, Punam Rani

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