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  • Diseases And Parasites Of Dogs And Cats

    Gove Hambidge

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  • Indian Insect Pests

    F M Howlett, H Maxwell Lefrouy

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    The object of this book is to serve useful purpose of a manual of practical information for the use of intelligent agriculturalist in the protection of his crops from insect pests and provide a suitable textbook for use in Agricultural and School and Colleges to acquaint them with the working knowledge of insect pests and of the practical measures for the protection of crops. This book is a testimony to the strenuous efforts made during a decade of Years in the field of economic entomology dealing with insect pests and their treatment by the author.
    In this book the author has given a short account of the general features of the lives of insects as well as salient facts concerning destructuive pests and closely concerned his study with the part played by them in the reduction of the yield of the staple crops of the country and based his study on the Indian Museum Notes and other literature besides his and his other colleagues in the field and valuable information collected from Mamlatdar, Tehsildar to the high officials of the Government of India namely Director of Agriculture, Imperial Entomologist, Botanists and Horticulturist, the illustrations are largely the work of the artist in the Indian Museum Baby C.C. Chakraburthy and remaining were prepared by other artists under the supervision of the author.
  • Wright S Encyclopaedia Of Poultry Science

    S H Lewer

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  • Current Researches In Environmental Sciences

    Dushyant K Sharma

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    During the last few decades man has exploited the environment to such as extent that the environmental equilibrium has been highly disturbed. Exploding population, deforestation, urbanization and industrialization have all rocked the environment very badly. This situation has arisen due to the greed and overambitious plans of human beings. Now the time has reached when the issues of environment should be seriously taken. There is an urgent need to find out a possible solution to prevent degradation the environment. Environment friendly approach to the development is the need of hour. Protecting environment is the responsibility of all of us. Each section of the society should work together for protecting the environment as a whole. Researches are being carried out throughout the world in various areas of environmentalscience.
    This book is an assemblage of the current researches in different fields of environment. The book has been divided into two sections - Section I includes research papers, while Section II has review articles by various scientists, experts and academicians.
    This book will be useful not only to the researchers, students, policy planners and academicians, working in the field of environmental science, but also be able to create a society of motivated people committed to conservation, preservation and protection of the environment and striving towards a life in perfect harmony with the nature.
  • Pollution And Biodiversity: Biosocial Aspects

    Arvind Kumar

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    Environmental regulatory agencies in certain states are authorized to ban the production, sale, use of certain chemicals disposal of certain wastes, or the use of certain production processes or waste management practices. Similarly mandatory banning or reduction of toxic substances has been proposed for implementation in some states. Policymakers could also lower concentration thresholds for allowable emissions and effluents of specific pollutants. Lowering concentration thresholds might reduce the cost of pollution prevention relative to generating and treating the waste to acceptable levels. Care must be taken, however, to ensure that facilities are not diluting the waste to achieve the new threshold or shifting it to another medium.This book is a pioneering attempt in the field of Biosocial Environment. It will be highly useful to students of Environmental Sociology, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Economics and also to Biological Science students, researchers and teachers.
  • Bhed Bakri Evam Khargosh Palan Kee Vaigyanik Vidhi

    Yogita Tiwari

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  • Profitable Pig Farming

    Geoffrey Johnson

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  • Popular Dictionary Of Zoology

    Samuel Maunder

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    The author has offered a Systematic Classifiation of the principal contents of the books: The Animal Kingdom which demands our special attention and is in the highest degree calculated to gratify a laudable curiosity, as well as to reward the labours of the most diligent research. the subject, indeed, presents a wide field for the employment of the mental faculties. No part of the book can be viewed as unimportant or uninteresting. A Dictionary of Animated Nature is printed in alphabetical order so that the name of any animal being previously known, its zoological character and its habits can instantly be ascertained; while these persons who wish to study this branch of Natural History according to the most approved modern system will only have to refer to the book.
  • Biostatistics : A Bayesian Introduction

    George G Woodworth

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    An essential introductory text linking traditional biostatistics with bayesian methods
    In recent years, Bayesian methods have seen an explosion of interest, with applications in fields including biochemistry, ecology, medicine, oncology, pharmacology, and public health. As an interpretive system integrating data with observation, the Bayesian approach provides a nuanced yet mathematically rigorous means of conceptualizing biomedical statistics--from diagnostic tests to DNA evidence.
    Biostatistics: A Bayesian Introduction offers a pioneering approach by presenting the foundations of biostatistics through the Bayesian lens. Using easily understood, classic Dutch Book thought experiments to derive subjective probability from a simple principle of rationality, the book connects statistical science with scientific reasoning. The author shows how to compute, interpret, and report Bayesian statistical analyses in practice, and illustrates how to reinterpret traditional statistical reporting--such as confidence intervals, margins of error, and one-sided p-values--in Bayesian terms. Topics covered include:
    * Probability and subjective probability
    * Distributions and descriptive statistics
    * Continuous probability distributions
    * Comparing rates and means
    * Linear models and statistical adjustment
    * Logistic regression and adjusted odds ratios
    * Survival analysis
    * Hierarchical models and meta-analysis
    * Decision theory and sample size determination
    The book includes extensive problem sets and references in each chapter, as well as complete instructions on computer analysis with the versatile SAS and WinBUGS software packages as well as the Excel spreadsheet program. For professionals and students, Biostatistics: A Bayesian Introduction offers an unique, real-world entry point into a remarkable alternative method of interpreting statistical data.
  • International Encyclopaedia Of Ornithology In 2 Vols

    Frank Finn

    Item Code: #9788176220392

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  • Fauna Of British India, Ceylon And Burma - Diptera: Nematocaera Vol 1

    E Brunnetti

    Item Code: #9788170190448

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  • Textbook On Freshwater Aquaculture

    B Ahilan

    Item Code: #9788170357933

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