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Presidential Powers of Pardon on Death Penalty/Pbk by Jai, Janak Raj
9788189233365             Rs 75.00
Regency Publications
61 pages
Presidential Powers of Pardon on Death Penalty by Jai, Janak Raj
9788189233358             Rs 150.00
Regency Publications
61 pages
Conflict to Reconstruction: Some Observations on Nagaland and Manipur by Gopalakrishnan, R. & Thomas , C Joshua
9788189233235             Rs 350.00
Regency Publications
162 pages
Commissions and Omissions in the Administration of Justice by Jai, Janak Raj
9788187498872             Rs 1300.00
Regency Publications
Social Defence: An Indian Perspective by Bhattacharyya, Sunil K.
9788187498667             Rs 500.00
Regency Publications
Tehelka.Com: A Tip of the Iceberg by Jai, Janaj Raj & Jai, Rajiv
9788187498346             Rs 235.00
Regency Publications
Bubble: A Study of Scam Scandel and Corruption in Indian Stock Market by Karmakar, Madhusudan
9788186030950             Rs 295.00
Regency Publications
Women in Uniform: Emergence of Women Police in Delhi by Bhardwaj, Aruna
9788186030905             Rs 475.00
Regency Publications
Offences Against Children: Socio-Legal Perspectives by Kumar, K. & Rani, Punam
9788186030318             Rs 395.00
Regency Publications
Offences Against Women: Socio-Legal Perspectives by Kumar, K. & Rani, Punam
9788186030028             Rs 795.00
Regency Publications
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