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Human Rights Education: A Global Perspective by Hemlata Talesra, Mangi Lal Nagda, Nalini Pancholy
9788187498032             Rs 1995.00
Regency Publications
Violation of Women's Human Rights in Assam by M. Devi
9789386615244             Rs 6270.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

Conventional Methods in Unconventional Wars Terrorism by Tyagi, Anupam
9788189233471             Rs 450.00
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Sezs: Massacre of Human Rights With Special Reference to Singur and Nandigram by Jai, Janak Raj & Jai, Rajiv
9788189233594             Rs 400.00
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Manual of International Humanitarian Laws (PB) by Sanajaoba, Naorem
9788189233006             Rs 700.00
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xxiv+776p.,figs.,ind., 25 cm
Manual of International Humanitarian Laws by Sanajaoba, Naorem
9788187498889             Rs 2500.00
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Degeneration of Future Generations! by Sukh, Shammi
9788186030837             Rs 495.00
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Human Rights: Issues and Perspectives by Kaul, Jawahar L.
9788186030172             Rs 1295.00
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