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Emergency Excesses: A Daylight Robberty of Human Rights and JP The Saviour (PB) by Jai, Janak Raj
9789352220243             Rs 395.00
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Emergency Excesses: A Daylight Robbery of Human Rights and JP- The Saviour (Rev. edn) by Jai, Janak Raj
9789352220205             Rs 1595.00
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xxviii+225p., fig., 25cm
Human Rights Education: A Global Perspective by Talesra, Hemlata et al
9788187498032             Rs 1995.00
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Violation of Women's Human Rights in Assam by M Devi
9789386615244             Rs 6900.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

Conventional Methods in Unconventional Wars Terrorism by Tyagi, Anupam
9788189233471             Rs 450.00
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Sezs: Massacre of Human Rights with Special Reference to Singur and Nandigram by Jai, Janak Raj & Rajiv Jai
9788189233594             Rs 400.00
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Manual of International Humanitarian Laws (PB) by Sanajaoba, Naorem
9788189233006             Rs 700.00
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xxiv+776p.,figs.,ind., 25 cm
Manual of International Humanitarian Laws by Sanajaoba, Naorem
9788187498889             Rs 2500.00
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Degeneration of Future Generations! by Sukh, Shammi
9788186030837             Rs 495.00
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Human Rights: Issues and Perspectives by Kaul, Jawahar L
9788186030172             Rs 1295.00
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