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Distance Education
Situating Education, Employment and Economy of Scheduled Tribes of North East India by Marchang, Reimeingam
9789352220267             Rs 995.00
Regency Publications
2019, xx+141p., tbls., 25 cm
Adult Continuing and Extension Education at a Glance (PB) by Chandra, N Hema Sarat & Gajanand Palve
9789351248644             Rs 270.00
Daya Publishing House

National Service Scheme: A Youth Volunteers Programme for Under Graduate Students as Per UGC Guidelines 2nd Semester (PB) by Panwar, J D S, Amit Kumar Jain & Brijesh Kumar Rathi
9789351249672             Rs 225.00
Daya Publishing House
2018, xx+192p., figs., tbls., 25cm
Child Education and Creativity by Chakrabarti, Mohit
9788170351283             Rs 995.00
Daya Publishing House
viii+143p., bib., index,
Disaster Communication and Early Warning Systems by Banzal, Preeti & Anik K Gupta
9789351249610             Rs 2495.00
Daya Publishing House
2018, xxii+326p., figs., tbls., indx., 25cm
Economic Biology and Vocational Education: A Study of Agriculture and Zoology by George, P Weldon
9788170351399             Rs 2995.00
Daya Publishing House
x+457p, 190 figs., ind., 23 cm
Educational Management: Innovative Global Patterns by Talesra, Hemlata et al
9788186030509             Rs 2495.00
Regency Publications
Human Rights Education: A Global Perspective by Talesra, Hemlata et al
9788187498032             Rs 1995.00
Regency Publications
Language Education in Nagaland: Sociolinguistic Dimensions by Sachdeva, Rajesh
9788187498339             Rs 1295.00
Regency Publications
Methods in Political and Social Research by Rath, Sharda
9788170351054             Rs 2495.00
Daya Publishing House
vi+418p., tabls., 23 figs., 23 cm
Participative Management of Education by Srivastava, R C
9788186030523             Rs 1995.00
Regency Publications
Total Quality Management in Institutions of Higher Education by Solanki, L S
9789387057487             Rs 1295.00
Scholars World
x+196p., figs., tabls., 25 cm
Alternative Education: Concept & Practice by B Deka
9789386317063             Rs 5935.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

Economic, Social & Cultural Rights (2 Vols) by S Rajkhowa, S Deka
9789386317308             Rs 16130.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

Education in North East India by C Nongbri
9789386317315             Rs 6495.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

Education of Scheduled Caste in Assam by NB Roy
9789386317322             Rs 5150.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

Educational Management: Theory & Practice by S Bhattacharya
9789386317339             Rs 8065.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

From Gurukul to Web 2.0: Dynamics of Communication in Education by C Wahlang
9789386317421             Rs 4255.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

Globalization & Higher Education by BB Kharbirymbai
9789386317520             Rs 4480.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

Higher Education in India: Post Independence Era by R Gohain
9789386317551             Rs 8065.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

ICT in Education (2 Vols) by BB Kharbirymbai
9789386317605             Rs 14840.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

Issues & Challenges of Teacher Education by L Ali
9789386317667             Rs 8065.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

Quality Assurance in Higher Education by N Kalita
9789386317902             Rs 5375.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

Development of Higher Education in Manipur by Leisangthem Binita Devi
9789386615657             Rs 10470.00 (Library)
Scholars World
xiv+360 p., tabls., 25 cm
Effect of Cort Programme on Critical Thinking by Rajesh Kumar, V K Gupta
9789386615732             Rs 5795.00 (Library)
Scholars World
xviii+189p., tabls., 25 cm
National Service Scheme: A Youth Volunteers Programme For Under Graduate Students As Per UGC Guidelines by Amit Kumar Jain, Brijesh Kumar Rathi, JDS Panwar
9789386949073             Rs 4704.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House

Textbook on Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology by Velusamy, R
9789388027595             Rs 4400.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xi+146p., figs., tabls., indx., 25 cm
Fundamentals of Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology by Kumar, D et al
9789385055942             Rs 2650.00
Satish Serial Publishing House
x+364p.,figs.,table., 25 cm
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