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  • Christianization And Empowerment Of Lotha Naga Women In North East India

    Adani Ngullie

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    This book is an attempt to sketch the role of Lotha Naga Women, and the restrictions imposed on them, in spite of her unlimited contributions towards the society. The study covers the American Baptist missionary perspectives and their role in the transformation of the Lotha Naga women in North East India. It also studied about the Status of women in Pre-colonial Naga Society and how their status has been changed to certain extends with the introduction of modern education and Christianity. Further it briefly analyses and examines the reverse aspect of Christianity on the Nagas.
  • Human Resource Development In Urban Co-operative Banks

    H Y Kamble,M S Patil

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  • Television Evam Gramin Samudaya

    Ishu Tomar

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  • Zakhm Hamare Upanyas Ka Aalochanatmak Adhayayan

    Asha Meena

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  • Green Pesticides For Insect Pest Of Brinjal

    Arti Katiyar

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  • The 2003 Invasion Of Iraq: A Study Of The Pre-emptive Use Of Force And Just War

    Aparna Chaudhary

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  • Economics Of Motorized Crafts In Fishery

    S Surapa Raju

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  • Century Of New And Rare Indian Plants

    P J Bruhl

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  • Improve Your Writing Skills

    Prudhvi Raju Duddu

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  • E-Governance In Emerging Economy: Development & Assessment

    Rajan Gupta,Saibal Kumar Pal,Sunil Kumar Muttoo

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    E-Governance is an important aspect in any Emerging Economy for transparent functioning of the Government. That s why there is a need to track its development and assess it both quantitatively and qualitatively. In the present book, assessment of E-Governance development is showcased. Case study of India as an emerging economy is used for the data collection and assessment validation.This book will be useful for government policy makers and stakeholders in India. It will also be helpful for foreign investors looking towards the development of particular region in India for investment through ease of governance. For researchers and academicians, this book will provide insights on various types of assessment frameworks and how a new framework can be developed and applied in any emerging economy like India. Other developing nations can also adopt and customize the framework presented in this book and apply in their respective countries to track E-Governance Development.
  • United Nations Convention On Disability TRAVAUX PRE PARATOIRES

    Anu Prasannan

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  • Pest Management In Store Grains

    J S Awaknavar

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  • Former International Cricketer Brijesh Patel His Personality And Achievements

    Rajkumar G Karve

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    The purpose of this book is to lay the framework for a discussion of the relative significance of a case study in research. The book shows light on the case study of an Individual person who did tremendous achievements and developments in the cricket game as a player and as an administrator in India. This book enables us to understand the importance of studying sports person s personality as a whole in research endeavor and out put of such kind of studies in various fields will be guiding and motivating force for the young achievers.
  • Effect Of Zodiac Signs And Planets On Indian Stock Market

    Jaydip Chaudhari,Pinkal Shah

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  • Customer Life Time Value

    Arshi Zareen

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  • Marine Products Sector In India

    V P Ancy

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  • Biology And Culture Potential Of Chitala Chitala

    Anisa Mitra,Pratap Kumar Mukhopadhyay,Sumit Homechaudhuri

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  • Saffron Marketing And Value Chain Analysis

    Jyoti Kachroo,Naveed Hamid,Anil Bhat

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    The book is designed to throw some new light on various aspects of production, marketing scenario and value chain of saffron spice. The book provides empirical information about economical analysis of saffron spice and is based on the secondary data as well as primary data and factual position prevailing in the farmers scholars, students and teachers and will also act as a ready reference for various policy planners of country. The book has considerable importance for the students of agri business management and scholars, who are interested in this area. The future strategies regarding the marketing of saffron spice has also been provided.
  • Uttam Prashna: Uttam Uttar


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  • Aquarium Feed: Grasshopper Minilivestock

    Arijit Ganguly

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    The practice of keeping ornamental fish at home was a mere hobby of some rich people even a decade back. However, recently numerous researches have proved these beautiful fishes to have positive impact on mental and stress related problems of human. Unfortunately, this highly valued ornamental fish industry is facing difficulty to prosper because of scarcity of protein rich diets. Hence alternative protein supplement is being explored worldwide. In this context the present book explores how grasshoppers could be exploited as a protein rich supplement for the common ornamental fish black molly.
  • Tryst With Modern Librarianship

    K Veeranjaneyulu,U S Jadhav,Rabindra K Mahapatra

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    The book is a festschrift volume in honour of Dr. Stanley Madan Kumar as a tribute for a dedicated and accomplished professional in Library and Information Science specialized in agricultural librarianship. The book contains 25 chapters which cover new aspects in librarianship and some traditional features with latest developments in Library & Information Science which includes metaliteracy, six sigma in library services, unique identification system, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), social media, mobile learning, open educational resources and e-technology and some other chapters having traditional aspects with modern touch have also been included. The different perspectives provided in the book are relevant and need of the hour for the librarians, learners and scholars in LIS.
  • Internet Banking And Customer Satisfaction

    Mahtab Alam,Umesh R Dangarwala

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  • Understanding Food Security In Sikkim : A Case Study Of Tathanchen Shyari Ward

    Bitu Subba

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  • Stock Market: Comparative Analysis

    B J Queensly Jeyanthi

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  • Review On Chironomids

    Deepak Rawal

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    When I was doing my Ph.D., my research area was related to Chironomids and I found that no book is giving comprehensive details about it and peoples are not taking them seriously because of their non biting habits. Then I decided to write this book so in future there is a easy way to get information about Chironomids who wants to research in the field of Chironomids. This book is based on published papers related to research area of Chironomids. Each paper is thoroughly studied and interpreted by me, whose summary I am going to give in this book. Review in this book is arranged chronologically for convenience in readings to readers. Bibliography at the end of this book is according to APS style.
  • World Trade Organisation: A Critical Evaluation

    S Nagabhushana

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    This book is an attempt to understand the world trade organisation and its role and responsibility it plays in the world trade and the rules of trade as well as the important Agreements which were ratified by the member nations of the World Trade Organisation. Further this book contains the impact of the WTO as well as its set agreements on the various sectors of Indian Economy. In modern world International trade is a part and parcel of every individual human being as well as the business organisations; hence, there is an essentiality to know about the rules and regulations of the trade around the world. In modern days international trade has been improved with more innovative and new multi dimensional functions in the field of business with the effect of Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization.
    This book provides detailed information about the World trade organisation in its entirety and related areas with an understandable language and the concepts are presented with easy illustrations.
    In total this book is a master piece, which will give the elaborative understandings on the establishment of WTO also about the causes for establishment of the WTO as well as the usage of WTO with the effects of WTO and the working of WTO, WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism and the Impact of WTO on Developing and Developed world economy including the measures taken by the WTO for the improvement of the International business.
  • Resource Geography Of Goa

    Dadapir M Jakati

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  • Status Of Health Of The People In Selected Tribal Dominated Region

    Babu Lal Meena

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  • Role Of DCCBs In Agricultural Finance

    S S Burark,S S Bhosale,A C Deorukhakar

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  • Social Justice For Weaker Section

    A Anil,A Ranjithkumar

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  • Finance And Management Of Self-Help Group

    Amit Lathiya,Arvind Rathod,Kuldeep Choudhary

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    This book has been designed as a tool for the persons forming and nurturing Self-Help Groups, to enable them to train members and office bearers of the groups in the concepts, processes and procedures of group functioning. It has been written in very simple language for easy understanding by grassroots level functionaries. The book is divided into 14 chapters. The first four modules are devoted to explaining the concept of Self-Help and the principles of group functioning and points that need to be attended to while forming groups. The field worker can use these modules at the stage of group formation. This is followed by different topics that a group should understand for management of the collective effort. The field worker can use each of these modules when attending the group meetings.
  • Total Quality Management In Institutions Of Higher Education

    L S Solanki

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  • Promotional Strategy For Investment Decision In Financial Markets

    Arvind P Rathod

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  • Madhyavarg Itihaas Evam Upanyas

    Praveen Kumar

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  • Inland Fish Diversity

    H S Mogalekar,J Canciyal,P Jawahar

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  • Market Efficiency Of Indian Stock Market

    A Shanker Prakash

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  • People At Work Place: Developing And Managing Human Resources

    Rashmi Mishra

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    This book is an attempt to integrate social sciences and use socially relevant and scientific language from an organizational perspective. Effective organizational strategies are required for the organization to accomplish its mission while being guided by an investment perspective. This book focuses on the general concept of strategic human resource management and the relatively broad concepts of corporate level and strategic business unit considerations.Human resource strategy focuses on the alignment of the organization s human resource practices, policies and programmes with corporate and strategic business unit plans. The process of development of consistent human resource policies and practices are important concerns of general management as well as the human resource function.This book will be useful to researchers, students and other professionals having interest in development of an organization and in facilitating corporate governance, management and administration in an effective direction.
  • Hydrogeochemical And Statistical Behaviour Of Hill Springs

    Hemant Kumar Joshi,Narendra Singh Bhandari

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    The present book covers a detail account of hydro-geochemistry of hill springs along with their chemical groupings which will be a meaningful addition to the existing knowledge on natural springs. The findings of the study will certainly give an updated feature regarding the springs and provide the scientific information, beneficial for the improvement of the quality as well as quantity of the spring water. In addition of this, this book will also provide information about the impact of the anthropogenic activities on the hydrochemistry of spring water. The present book will be useful for students, researchers, academicians, policy makers and water resource planners.
  • Effect Of Cort Programme On Critical Thinking

    V K Gupta,Rajesh Kumar

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  • Analysis Gender Budgeting In Haryana


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  • Trends And Determinants Of Savings And Investment In Indian Agriculture

    Poonam Singh

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  • Environmental Problems And Sustainable Development: Issues And Challenges

    Roopshikha Agrawal

    Item Code: #9789386071811

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  • Fundamentals Of Disaster Management

    Atul B Deshmukh,Sandip P Nikam,Ulhas S Surve

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  • Murdoch S An Accidental Man : A Study In The Art Of Narration


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  • Frustration Among Higher Secondary School Students

    Anu Jose Vengal

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    Frustration is a common emotion for teens. Adolescents face the stress of school, parental expectations, the need to fit in with a peer group and the desire to find their place in society. Although frustration is a normal part of growing up, learning to cope with frustration constructively is challenging for some teens. As a teacher, learning about teen s frustrations and guiding them towards healthy coping skills can help them thrive in those years of stress and strain, storm and strife.
    In this book the factors, causes and consequences of frustration among adolescents is dealt with. Based on the findings of the empirical research, this work will prove useful and informative for researchers and teachers.
  • Capital Formation In Indian Agriculture

    Poonam Singh

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  • Nanoclays: Synthesis, Characterization And Applications

    Hasmukh A Patel

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    This book demonstrates the beneficiation of Indian bentonites for the synthesis of nanoclays and its application for polymer nanocomposites, rheological modifier, metal nanoparticles support and adsorbent. The book is divided into seven chapters. The first chapter deals with introduction of nanoclays and its applications in various fields with thorough review of the literature. The second chapter discusses the beneficiation of Indian bentonites by sedimentation and chemical treatments. The optimum conditions for the purification of bentonite using this technique are developed.The third chapter illustrates the synthesis of nanoclays by ion exchange reaction of montmorillonite and various quaternary ammonium or phosphonium salts. In the fourth chapter, the detailed studies on the reinforcement effect of nanoclays in polypropylene for the synthesis of polypropylene/nanoclay nanocomposites are elaborated. The fifth chapter consists of the application of the nanoclays as supporting materials for metal nanoparticles. The palladium, rhodium, gold and silver metal nanoparticles anchored on nanoclays are synthesized. The application of nanoclays for removal of organic contaminates in batch and dynamic conditions from wastewater are studied in the sixth chapter.The final chapter summarizes the major findings and future direction for nanoclays.
  • Faunal Diversity Of Khajjiar Lake District Chamba, Himachal Pradesh

    H S Banyal,Vikram Singh

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    This book presents the details of faunal beauty of the scenic Khajjiar Lake which is a good representative of the unique Himalayan diversity. Khajjiar Lake also known as Mini Switzerland is one of the oldest preserved area of India notified on 01.07.1949. We have given detail morphological, taxonomic and abundance of all 223 species of different faunal groups (123 invertebrates and 100 vertebrates), spread over 193 genera, 79 families and 32 orders present in, on and around the Khajjiar Lake. This fauna includes some of the important threatened species like 3 species of butterflies placed under Wildlife Protection Act (1972) and thirteen species of mammals placed under Indian Wildlife Protection Act 1972 and two critically endangered birds Indian White-backed Vulture and Red-headed Vulture. However nine species of mammals are also listed as threatened in Convention in Trade of Endangered Species (CITES). There is also an effort to deal with the potential threats and possible conservation measures for this beautiful faunal wealth. This book can be used by the students as a base line source for future studies of the fauna of Khajjiar Lake.
  • Modelling In Communication Behaviour Of Farmers

    Shahid Ahamad,Deepak De,Bansi Lal

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    Communication is the oldest continued activity of human beings. It is the basic need of human beings and a web of society which makes the survival, growth, progress and development possible and holds the society intact and progressive. Communication is the most powerful input which brings substantial development in socio-economic status of an individual. Communication is the vital aspect to change the behaviour of an individual. Television as a mass medium has made dissemination of news, information and entertainment possible. It is one of the most versatile audio-visual aids ever developed. This book deals with the model building in communication behavior of the farmers. The present book has been designed to meet out the problems of the students, extension administrators, farmers, planners etc. as it provides immense knowledge of communication process. The mathematical communication model built by the authors will assist the researchers for further studies. This will help to enrich the discipline of extension education.
  • Endocrine Glands Of The Fish: Notopterus Notopterus

    Raghavendra S Kulkarni

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  • Analysis Of Agricultural Subsidies In India

    Rajwinder Kaur

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  • Financial Matrix

    Anil Kumar Jhajra,Santosh Jhajra

    Item Code: #9789351302254

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    In keeping with the aims of the book, we have attempted to present the text in a lucid and simple style. Our attempt, through this book, is to provide crisp, clear, easy-to-understand concepts of all the financial instruments.
    The area covered in this subject is very wide. Financial system of any country is backbone of economy growth. Different financial instrument provide platform for investment purpose. This book explain all aspect of money market, capital market, different financial instrument, banking system and housing finance. This book also explain different financial terminology. The book is primarily intended to serve as a text book for B.Com, BBA, M.Com, M.B.A. and other course s student of in all disciplines related with finance. We have tried to put our best efforts to make this book useful not only students but to the investors as well but nothing is completely perfect. There may be shortcomings. We therefore appeal to our readers to give their valuable suggestions which will be always welcome.
  • Challenges To Biodiversity Conservation And Sustainable Development

    Poonam Agarwal

    Item Code: #9789387057470

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  • Sexual Behaviour Disclosure And Behaviour Change Amidst HIV Infected Men

    Sony Thomas

    Item Code: #9789351302575

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  • Agro-based Adsorbents For Chromium Removal

    Sohail Ayub

    Item Code: #9789386071200

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  • Politics Of Identity And The Bodo Movement In Assam

    Hira Moni Deka

    Item Code: #9789351301851

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  • Himachal Pradesh Mei Jan Andolan: Sangthan Netratav Evam Himachal Ke Nirman Mei Yogdan

    Mahendra Singh

    Item Code: #9789351305446

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  • Amritlal Nagar Ke Upanyason Me Nari Sambandhi Drishtikon


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  • Crop Improvement In Vegetables

    Navnath G Kashid

    Item Code: #9789386071392

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    Mutagenesis techniques even the newer ones have resulted in many impressive mutant varieties. The number of such varieties is high across plant species. This book provide details of mutagenesis for crop improvement in vegetables. Emphasis is given on induced mutation breeding, morphological variation, agronomic characters and biochemical investigation of viable mutants in vegetable crops. This book gives an over all glimps of how mutagenesis techniques can be successful for the improvement of vegetable crops. It is hoped that this book will be of great value to students, teachers and researchers in vegetable science, plant breeding as well as reader interested in plant breeding and crop improvement.
  • Limnological Study Of Tighra Reservoir

    Dushyant K Sharma

    Item Code: #9789386071002

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    Limnology is the study of inland waters - lakes, reservoirs, rivers, streams, wetlands and groundwater. Limnological studies have great significance today. These studies provide us a path to explore freshwater bodies in various aspects. It is the study of the structural and functional interrelationships of organisms of inland waters as their dynamic physical, chemical, and biotic environments affect them. Until and unless we have a proper understanding of a water body, it is impossible to exploit it in an appropriate way. A limnological study of Tighra Reservoir, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh was carried out. The study included both physico-chemical analysis as well as biological studies of the reservoir. Such studies not only enable us to understand a water body but also help in better utilization of it. This book is an outcome of such a study. The whole study has been presented in the form of seven chapters along with references. The book will be very useful for academicians, researchers and students, working in the fields of limnology and environmental sciences.
  • English For All : A Practical Manual (PB)

    I Dave Puffy

    Item Code: #9789351306641

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    Today English has become the core necessity of life and education and hence this practical manual is prepared by incorporating necessary chapters which can help conveniently to the students at Under Graduate level. This practical manual carries functions that guide them in developing their writing skills. It is a set of selected grammar exercises, Vocabulary Building, Idioms, Comprehension, Letter Writing and Resume Writing and other allied areas to acquaint the scholars with the ability to write and communicate effectively in English. So, make most out of it and keep practicing.
    This book is based upon the practical experiences of teaching English to the students of my college and polytechnic colleges. I am confident that this book will come out as highly useful to students as well as the teachers.
  • Economic Efficiency Of Maize Production

    Jyoti Kachroo,Anil Bhat,Arti Sharma

    Item Code: #9789351301899

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  • Economics Of Organic Farming

    P Sri Krishna Sudheer

    Item Code: #9789351302803

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  • Migration And Marital Quality: Implications For Counselling

    Shaji P John

    Item Code: #9789386071408

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  • In-Service Training And Development Of Technical Libraries

    Rajendra G Kokate

    Item Code: #9789386071934

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  • Current Trends In Farming Systems Research

    A K Mehta

    Item Code: #9789386071958

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    Farming system is the way of life for small and marginal farmers. Recently, the AICRP on Farming System Research at CCSHAU, Hisar, has developed various technologies on regional based cropping systems, integrated nutrient management, organic farming package, resource conservation technologies etc. Integrated farming system model developed under this project in one hectare area gives hope for realizing higher returns for farmers from a unit land. Family farming model of one hectare gives decent round the year income with more than 2 lacs as return over variable cost/annum. The on farm research in Sirsa district also intensified and regular scientist-farmer interaction, training and demonstrations were also organized. In the coming years, on farm research in farmer participatory IFS approach and capacity building of stake holders are to be given thrust. The book will be quiet helpful for policy makers, researchers, students and farming community to address the issues of farming system. The book has been written in a lucid language for easy understanding of the concept.
  • Guava: Psidium Guajava L.

    Akash Sharma,Sohnika Rani,V K Wali

    Item Code: #9789387057449

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    This book has been prepared primarily as a text for raising of quality planting material of guava through vegetative propagation. Practices followed in the propagation of guava are presented in detail which clearly showed the effect of different propagation methods i.e. cutting, layering, patch budding and wedge grafting on different parameters of vegetative growth is also discussed in the book. It is hoped that scientific and technical information available in this book will be useful for orchardists, field functionaries and researchers for accomplishing the goal of enhanced quality fruit production and productivity.
  • Development Of Higher Education In Manipur

    Leisangthem Binita Devi

    Item Code: #9789386071750

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  • Alienation Among Students

    Fazli Muneer Rizvi

    Item Code: #9789351302841

    Availability: In stock

    This book is the outcome of the research work carried to know how school and home environment leads to alienation among school going students. Adolescence is a stage in the life span through which individuals pass in their preparation for adulthood. It is especially dynamic period because many of the roles of adolescents learning are unique to this time of life. This book is an attempt to find out the factors of home and school environment which leads to alienation. The book also brings out the influence of schools among the alienated students. This study is of paramount importance as it also tries to find out the reasons of drop outs among students. The research was funded by ICSSR, Government of India.
  • Voluntary Agencies And Rural Development

    Seema Nikalje

    Item Code: #9789386071866

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  • Topological Modeling And Drug Designing

    Dheeraj Mandloi

    Item Code: #9789351309635

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  • Quality In Private Higher Education

    Sanjeev Kumar Jha

    Item Code: #9789351302216

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  • Investment Portfolio Management Of The State Bank Of India

    Meghna Aggarwal

    Item Code: #9789351302087

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    This book examines the investment portfolio composition of the State Bank of India and its impact on the Indian Economy. Commercial Banking system, especially SBI group, occupies a unique position in the Indian financial system.The practice of banking in our society is not something that can be refined to a set of given rules and formulas applicable to a static economy but an art to be pursued in a dynamic economy with a public, yet profitable, service as the end result. Investment portfolio of the State Bank of India shares one objective- to provide the largest pool of assets from which the owner can finance expenditure now or at some future date by involving investment of a client s funds in stock and securities and buying and selling securities with an objective to achieve higher return for the client.To do so, an investment policy is required to be formulated that takes into account-liquidity requirements, capital adequacy, the income factor,and the status of the money and bond markets. However, the current global context has implications for the banking system both in terms of the financial outlook for its borrowing entities as well as the flow of funds. This highlights the fact that the overall environment today is much more challenging and much more difficult than the yesteryears. This makes it even more important to accelerate the pace of reforms in the banking sector, and to introduce best practices in terms of lending policy, investment management and risk containment. The book will serve as useful reference to researchers, teachers and will also act as a ready reference for policy planners.
  • Employee Engagement In The Indian Ites-Bpo Industry


    Item Code: #9789351302070

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    The Indian Information Technology enabled Services (ITES) Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry has rapidly opening up, expanded, matured and with a wave of consolidation has scripted new initiatives making India as an ideal and preferred offshore destination. This book provides comprehensive information and examine the engagement levels of the employees of Indian ITES BPO industry. It incorporated both consultancy and academic literature, marrying both perspectives to contextualize engagements and produce a model relevant to the industry. The book is highly is useful to ITES BPO industry in India which is facing a lot of HR related issues. It can be beneficial to the employees while devising and implementing strategies to counter the related problem areas. I hope this information will be helpful to the above disciplines students, teachers and researchers too.
  • Branding And Promotion Of Indian Plantation Commodities

    S John Mano Raj

    Item Code: #9789387057494

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  • Farmers And Scientific Fish Culture

    Biswajit Goswami

    Item Code: #9789386071804

    Availability: In stock

    The book is primarily meant for post graduate and Ph.D. studies in extension education, and is intended to serve as a resource book in Extension Education, Fishery, Agriculture, Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Home Science, etc. in the Universities, Colleges and Institutes. It shall also serve as a hand book in the relevant Government Department, Banks, Research Institute, Krishi Vigyan Kendra and NGOs, in respect of their extension work. Teachers, students, research workers, extension agents and administrators shall find the book very useful. The book presents the behavioural changes in terms of social, economic, technological and psychological correlates of the fish farmers. The study concerning the attitude and adoption behaviour of the fish farmers towards scientific fish culture is likely to provide valuable information in developing suitable strategies for implementing future fishery extension programme more effectively. The book is expected to generate a data base about the existing practices being followed by the fish farmers of West Bengal in the field of fish culture. The study would in all probability help fishery extension workers by furnishing effective guidance to overcome the negative attitude of fish farmers towards scientific fish culture.The book involves an identification of the constraints experienced by the fish farmers towards scientific fish culture.
  • Md. Ali Jinnah: Re-Evaluation And Re-Vitalization

    Rishikesh Jha

    Item Code: #9789351302193

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  • State Finances Of Haryana

    Yogita Hooda

    Item Code: #9789388027878

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  • Consumer Oriented Agricultural Marketing

    Ruchira Shukla

    Item Code: #9789386071828

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  • Husband On Hire And Other Short Stories (PB)

    A P Talwar

    Item Code: #9788186030684

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  • Organizational Development Of Non-agricultural University Libraries

    Ravindra Sarode

    Item Code: #9789386071859

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  • Mahilaon Ke Adhikar Evam Jansanchar Sadhan

    Ishu Tomar

    Item Code: #9789351301202

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  • Job Stress Among Police Personnel

    Umesh R Dangarwala,Kalpesh Dhirubhai Naik

    Item Code: #9789351301011

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  • Evaluation Of Ecotourism Resources In Nameri National Park Of Assam

    Niranjan Das

    Item Code: #9789351301950

    Availability: In stock

  • Life Skills And Family Environment

    Dalvir Singh

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    Family environment is considered as a system where the behaviour and relationship among all family members are inter-dependent. The family environment maintains its importance for the psychological development of the child and the life skills are non-academic abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individual to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. In this book, an attempt has been made to analyse whether family environment helps in developing life skills and makes the adolescents psychological hard.
  • Role Stress, Communication And Empowerment

    Rashmi Mishra

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  • Urban Environment And Social Wellbeing In Second Class Indian Cities

    P K Aboo Ishaque

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    "The book Urban Environment and Social Wellbeing in Second Class Indian Cities is a comprehensive research work carried out for a thesis submitted for the award of Ph.D. degree in Geography at the Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.
    The study of interior social and environmental structure of the cities reveals some unpleasant conditions prevailing there. Social area analysis can be used to identify the inequalities in the socio-political and environmental conditions at micro level. This book is an effort to identify the different segments of the urban places especially in second class Indian cities using some well defined variables. Theoretical basis for the identification of the wellbeing or quality of life of the population is also incorporated. A practical account of social area analysis for the fifty-one wards of the city of Calicut using the method of factor analysis is given which can be used for the planners and academic researchers.
  • Role Of Management Training And Development In Enhancing Managerial Effectiveness

    Pradeep Kumar Das

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