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  • Farming Systems: Issues And Strategies

    Sunil Kumar, D R Palsaniya, T Kiran Kumar

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  • Handbook For Poultry Entrepreneurs

    Pranav Kumar, Amandeep Singh

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  • Poultry Farming And Keeping

    W Powell Owen

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  • Poultry Science: The Selection Rearing And General Treatment Of Poultry

    L C R Norris Elye

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    Though the number of persons who keep poultry is increasing and the knowledge of how to manage poultry is being diffused through the poultry press, the demand for eggs and dead fowls increases in still greater degree. The selection, rearing and general treatments in poultry science was felt as the need of hour for farmers. Poultry science has to be studied in all its details, it has been dealt with thoroughly. Trust, this book will be of great help to the poultry farmers, teachers, researchers and students. Contents Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: Selection of Breeds; Chapter 3: Importation of Eggs; Chapter 4: Accommodation Houses; Chapter 5: Marking Fowls and Eggs; Chapter 6: Management and Feeding; Chapter 7: Breeding Pens; Chapter 8: Setting and Hatching; Chapter 9: Coops, Artificial Mothers, Food and Rearing; Chapter 10: Preparing for Show; Chapter 11: Fattening, Killing and Plucking; Chapter 12: Cooking; Chapter 13: Enemies of the Poultry Yard; Chapter 14: Diseases; Chapter 15: Description of Various Breeds.
  • Poultry Diseases Production & Its Management

    Savita Sharma

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    This book emphasises the poultry diseases, production and its management. It includes detailed coverage of poultry in India and abroad, different breeds, general anatomy and different viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic and nutritional diseases and its control measures. Besides this maintenance & management of poultry farm house and present status of Indian poultry are also incorporated in the book. A separate chapter on terms used in poultry production adds much value to the book as a ready reckoner to understand keywords. Important questions related with the diseases of poultry have also been appended at the end of the book. This book is highly useful for students, teachers and researchers specializing in poultry and veterinary science. It will be equally useful for poultry consultants and diagnosticians.
  • Animal Feeding Concepts & Practices

    M Wadhwa, M P S Bakshi

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    The demand of livestock and poultry products for human consumption has increased tremendously; mainly due to increase in income, population and urbanization. As per one of the estimates, by 2050 the demand of meat and milk will increase by 70%. The key to sustainable development of livestock is the efficient utilization of existing feed resources, beside exploring novel non-conventional feed resources, which can enhance animal productivity. The target can be achieved by feeding balanced ration to meet the nutrient requirements of different categories of animals. The book presents latest and comprehensive information on the various aspects of feeding animals. Besides the feeding of bovines especially during transition phase, camel, yak, mithun and small ruminants; poultry (broilers/layers, ducks, Guinea fowl, quails); the book has extensively covered the feeding of ratites, rabbit; fish and prawn. The book will be useful and highly informative for PG students and faculty, researchers/scientists and others working in a particular specialized field in Animal Nutrition.
  • Profitable Poultry Keeping In India

    A C Campbell Rogers

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    This book is published as an aid to all persons in the poultry industry whose daily work depends upon healthy poultry. Poultry farm owners and managers, workers in hatcheries, feed mills, processing plants, transportation, and other industries servicing poultry operations need to be knowledgeable about basic principles of poultry health, poultry diseases, and how they can be controlled. This book is intended to provide such information.
  • Zoonoses: Parasitic And Mycotic Diseases

    Sudhi Ranjan Garg

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  • Zoonoses: Bacterial Diseases

    Sudhi Ranjan Garg

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  • Bird Flu: Diagnosis And Treatment

    Sudhir Dawra

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  • Poultry Health And Management: Chickens Ducks Turkeys Geese And Quail 4th Edn

    David Sainsbury

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    Since the third edition was published in 1992 there have been many more developments in the poultry industry, which have made a new edition necessary. These include new systems which are environmentally and welfare friendly ; much more emphasis on hygiene and vaccines in disease control and the role of molecular biology and cloning; further advances in management with special reference to feeding, drinking, lighting and egg collection; advances in genetics; developments in housing; nutritional advances; and increasingly restrictive legislation concerning the safety to the public of poultry products (particularly zoonotic diseases and drug residues) and welfare.

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