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  • Towards Organic Agriculture

    N K Jat, B Gangwar

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  • Ethnicity In Manipur: Experiences Issues And Perspectives

    Lucy Zehol

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  • Marketing Of Processed Fruit And Vegetable

    Monalisa Choudhury, Nayan Barua

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    This book depicts the marketing scenario of the food processing industries. The whole work is divided into eleven chapters which throws light into the various aspects of the food processing industries stretching of the food processing industries stretching from the supply of raw materials, market demand, problems, prospects, government assistance to the industry and consumer behaviour towards processed foods. The whole work lay special emphasis on the marketing problems faced by the processed food industry in relation with financial and infrastructual problems. The crux of the study cover the entire gamut of the subject ranging from transportation, preservation, distribution, packaging, training of personnel, promotional problems, raw materials and competitiveness of the product in terms of quality and price.
  • Farming System Approaches For Sustainable Hill Agriculture In Manipur

    N Prakash

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  • Mammals Of Arunachal Pradesh

    Anwaruddin Choudhury

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  • Issues On Natural Resource Management With Special Reference To North East India

    Francis Kulirani, Utpal Kumar De

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    The present book is a collection good articles highlighting the issues and problems of management of natural resources in connection with the development of economy. A part of the volume is also devoted for the management of tourism and related resources along with the description of resource management under natural disaster.
  • Use And Services Of University Library

    Rabinarayan Mishra

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  • Floristic Diversity Of Assam: Study Of Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary

    Yogendra Kumar, P J Bora

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    The botanical account of the protected areas is important for the conservation and management of biodiversity and ecosystem. The Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary is one of such protected area in Assam in North Eastern India. The area is famous for the highest density of the Indian one-horned Rhinoceros in the world. The sanctuary is also well known for its wetland habitat which provides the suitable site for migratory birds and fish fauna. The present study highlights the floristic wealth of the sanctuary which is the outcome of the intensive botanical collection and observation for the period of four year from 1995 to 1998. The present book presents the botanical accounts, phytogeography, vegetation and ecosystem of the sanctuary. It covers 724 species under 492 genera 142 families of vascular plants. The work also focus the pattern of floristic diversity, phenology of some common plants with a brief account of fodder plants, medicinal, economically important plants, rare and endemic plants etc of the area. The study based on the revised taxonomic monographic work and recent taxonomic nomenclature.
  • Development And Environment

    Zahid Husain, S K Barik

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  • Technology Production And Social Formation In The Evolution Of The Ahom State

    Sanjeeb Kakoty

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  • Tea Cultivation In The Plains Of North East India

    A P Das, S E Kabir

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    The book endeavours to present a practical aspect of tea garden practices, followed in the garden of North East India. Various aspects like Nursery Management, Young Tea Management, Integrated Pest and Nutrient Management, Bio-organic Tea Farming, Spray Techniques, Pharmacology etc. have been incorporated with latest recommendation. This book is expected to serve as a tool for the tea planters and the students who are pursuing different courses in tea. The authors have tried to make the book as simple as possible. It can serve as practical handbook for the tea planters
  • Power To People In Meghalaya: Sixth Schedule And The 73rd Amendment

    C J Thomas, L S Gassah, M N Kama

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    The Panchayati Raj System has been acclaimed as an essential element of Indian democracy. The book offers detail information about the sixth schedule and the 73rd Amendment, critical assessment of the working Khase, Taintia and Garce Hills, Autonomous District Councils in Meghalaya and also on warmen in Meghalaya.
    This book will be of great help to the students, research scholars, administrators, planners, policy makers, and to the public in general.

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