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  • Bioresources Technology For Sustainable Agriculture

    S Kannaiyan

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    Bioresources Technology for Sustainable Agriculture is aimed to utilize the current knowledge on the biological resources for sustainable agriculture system. several leading senior scientists have contributed papers pertaining bioresources utilization. It is time to exploit and utilize the biological resources or biological wealth for the benefit of the human life and welfare. The biological resources are cost effective, efficient, environmentally safe, economically viable and ecologically sound but it is very important to utilize the biological resources for productive purpose. The book covers wide range of important topics such as composting coir pith, insects control by Neem products, biological fertilizers, bio- manure value of viscose factory waste, agricultural wastes utilization, oil palm waste utilization and green manures for crop production etc. and these technology oriented issue would play a key role in boosting the crop production systems in sustainable agriculture.
  • Natural Products: Research Reviews Vol 2

    Vijay Kumar Gupta

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  • Natural Resources And Sustainable Agricultural Management

    D N Chakravarty

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  • Flora Of Thummalapalle Uranium Mining Area, Andhra Pradesh, India

    T Pullaiah, S Sandhya Rani, B Sadasivaiah, K Raja Kullayiswamy

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    Flora of Thummalapalle Uranium Mining Area in Kadapa and Anantapuramu districts of Andhra Pradesh is the base line floristic study of 30 km radius from the Mining site. A total of 892 taxa belonging to 869 species under 455 genera and 104 families of Angiosperms have been enumerated. Pteridophytes include 14 species under 13 genera and 12 families while Bryophytes include 22 taxa belonging to 21 species under 14 genera and 8 families. Under each family key to the genera followed by the genus with its authority, key to the species, followed by species enumeration is given. The enumeration of the species include the complete citation according to ICN, basionym if any, synonyms to connect to Flora of British India and Flora of Presidency of Madras. It is followed by detailed description, distribution in the 30 km radius, flowering and fruiting period, vernacular name and specimens examined. Local uses of some species have also been provided. References, index to families, genera, species and local names are given at the end. The book is profusely illustrated with 21 plates of colour photographs of 120 plants. This book will be useful to administrators, foresters, botanists, ecologists and scientist who are working on plants as bio-indicators, and also bio-remediation.
  • Natural Resource Management For Horticulture Development

    Bikash Das

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    Horticultural crops have played a major role in ensuring livelihood security of farming community. The last decade has witnessed sea change in the production scenario of horticultural crops. Effective management of natural resources play important role in improving the productivity of horticultural crops in a sustainable manner. Practices like genetic resource management, appropriate land use, maintaining soil fertility, efficient management of water resources, adoption of farming system approach for harnessing synergy between different components are some of the approaches on natural resource management for improving the productivity. A number of research work have been undertaken around the world on this aspect. It is time that the learning from the research in these areas to be translated into farmers field directly or after suitable refinement based on local scenario. In this book the authors have attempted to compile the available knowledge in these area including the findings of research work undertaken around the world. This book will be of immense importance for researchers in appraising themselves about the current status of research on different aspects of natural resource management in horticultural crops. It will also be useful for practitioners/farmers for adopting appropriate practices on natural resource management for improving income from their horticulture production system in a sustainable manner.
  • Conservation Of Biodiversity And Natural Resources

    M P Singh, Dey Soma, S VIjay Singh

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    Natural resources are those gift which are directly from nature. India presents nature in all its splendour. Diversity in physical and climatic condition result in wide range of natural vegetation in different region. In their turn these provide habitat for different species of animals and birds, while rain forests are found in the Andaman, Cactus are found in the Thar desert. Similarly there are alpine forests in the Himalayas while mangroves are grown in the saline soil of Andamans. Since the beginning of our civilisation the varied natural features with its flora and fauna have influenced the life and tradition of world and enriched their natural resources. It is always believed in the interrelationship among nature, environment and people. Therefore, the efforts for conservation of biodiversity and natural resources should be in tune with the processes and its occurrence in space and time from micro level to mega level. The present book is based on numerous materials, reports, and authors own extensive surveys and researchers of the nation. The book will be welcomed by all taxonomists, foresters, environmentalists and other decision makers.
  • Conservation Of Natural Resources For Food And Environmental Security

    S K Dubey

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  • Ethnobiology: Therapeutics And Natural Resources

    Ashis Kumar Ghosh

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    The erosion of knowledge is an every more serious threat than the erosion of biodiversity.
    Keeping in view in this book effort has been made to unveil the indigenous knowledge.
    The present book is a mirror of the traditional efforts for the utilization of natural resources.
    There is a great deal of information available in the book which need to go back to farmers,
    Pastoralists, potters, dye makers, sweat makers, beekeepers, accupresurits, sacred grove
    Conservators, herbalists and people interested in nature. This will help them to Know how
    The external world interprets their knowledge and uses it.
    This book contains 48 articles on different aspects (e.g. self made baby food, senescence, pollution, biological control, etc.)
    Particularly the book focuses on building lateral learning link not only among the innovators but also
    Among scientists and public policy makers at national and international level.
  • Environment & Natural Resources

    M P Singh

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  • Natural Products: Research Reviews Vol 4

    Vijay Kumar Gupta

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  • Sustainable Agriculture Food Security And Climate Change

    Subhash Chandra, Lal Singh, Parmeet Singh

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  • Management Of Natural Resource For Sustainable Development

    Vijay Singh Rathor, B S Rathor

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