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  • Biotechnology: Emerging Trends

    Joseph Selvin

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    This book is an outcome of holistic efforts taken by a group of researchers and professors to bring the recent innovations and developments among the UG and PG students of biological and agriculture faculties. This book provides an insight from emerging nanobiotechnology to traditional fermentation technology. It covers various roots of biotechnology such as rDNA technology, genomics, plant biotechnology, cancer biology, bioethics, bioinformatics, marine biotechnology, fermentation technology and environmental biotechnology. With contributions from authors of different viewpoints and areas, the subject is given a thorough and balanced understanding in recent developments. Unlike many other texts in this field, this book provides hindsight, insight and foresight of biotechnology. This will also serve as a reference material for the dissertation works of MSc/M Tech programmes in biotechnology. Contents Chapter 1: At the Dawn of Biotech Century by Joseph Selvin; Chapter 2: Nanobiotechnology by Vincent, S G Prakash; Chapter 3: Transposon Medicated Gene Delivery and Baculovirus Based Gene Expression Strategies in Insects by Kumaresan, G & Mathavan, S; Chapter 4: Introduction to Genomic and Proteomic Analysis by Asha, K R T; Chapter 5: Relevance of Apoptosis to Cancer by Karunagaran, D; Chapter 6: Prospectives of Gene Therapy for Endocrine Cancers: Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma by Michael Aruldhas M; Chapter 7: Molecular Basis of Oncogenes and Tumour Suppressor Genes by Rameshwari, S, A G Murugesan & N Sukumaran; Chapter 8: Molecular and Hormonal Basis of Obesity by Jose Priya T A & Beena G; Chapter 9: Biotechnological potential of Extremophiles by Denslin Vinitha A J & Joseph Selvin; Chapter 10: Agrobacterium tumefaciens Mediated Gene Transfer: An Overview by Vineetha Sarah Alexander & Joseph Selvin; Chapter 11: Recent Advances in Transgenic Plant Production by Anupa, M P, Smitha Balaraj S t Lijamol & Praisejah, P Stephen; Chapter 12: An Improved Protocol for the in vitro Clonal Propagation of Plumbago rosea Linn by Satheeshnakumar S & Joseph Selvin; Chapter 13: Bioethics and Stem Cell Research by Sunitha Rajam, G; Chapter 14: Marine Genomics: A Frontier Research Area in Marine Biotechnology by Ninawe, A S; Chapter 15: Scope for Molecular and Immuno-biotechnological Applications in Shrimp Aquaculture Sector of India by Felix, S; Chapter 16: Herbal Extracts or Active Fractions as Therapeutic Agents with Modern Standards of Safety and Efficacy by Subramoniam, A; Chapter 17: Influence of Mode of Fermentations on Microbial Enzyme Production by Prema, P; Chapter 18: Aqueous Two-Phase System for Extractive Fermentation by Sanjoy Ghosh; Chapter 19: Bioreactor Technology for the Production of Antibacterial Agents from Marine Microorganism by Raishy R Hussain & Joseph Selvin; Chapter 20: Tackling the Challenge of Heavy Metal Pollution by Microbial Biosorbents by Deepa, M K, A G Murugesan & K Sasikala; Chapter 21: Pollution Abatement Through Biopurification of In
  • Plant Parasitic Nematodes Of India

    K Sitaramaiah

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  • Aspects Of Jaina Monasticism

    Muni Mahendra Kumar, Nathmal Tatia

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  • Vistas In Plant Sciences Vol. 3

    T M Varghese

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  • Seabuckthorn (Hippophae L.): A Multipurpose Wonder Plant Vol 2: Biochemistry And Pharmacology

    Virendra Singh

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  • Patkoi Nagas

    S C Sardeshpande

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  • Cows And Poultry In India: Their Care And Management 2nd Edn

    E B J

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  • Environment And Natural Resources: Ecological And Economic Perspectives

    O P Singh

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    At present it is a fact that changes in our living environment are much rapid than the progress of the human health protection techniques because we know the organism environment relationships only superficially. The rate of environmental changes, which is now faster during the life of one generation than previously took place during centuries, as well as disturbances in biorhythms, are the most dangerous symptoms of changes in ecological relationships. The environment comprises the overall surroundings of any object. In ecology the environment means all factors which affect the survival and reproduction of living organisms. Elements of the environment are : (a) Building and energy-sdupplying components, and (b) Regulatory components. Thus the environment comprises : material factor whose presence is decisive for survival and development of living organisms (oxygen, carbon, hydrogen), and factors regulating the living processes, e.g., compounds making part of the organism but present in small amounts (including catalysts and inhibitors of metabolic progresses). We hope that this timely publication will give some help to scholars/reasearch scientists to carry their further studies on environment.
  • Color Handbook Of Flowering And Medicinal Plants

    Yashwant Rai

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    This book is very useful for plant identification for Botany students, Environmentalists, Naturalists, Botanical Gardens, Wildlife Sanctuary, National Zoological Parks, Pharmacists, Agriculture and Botanical Survey of India. The botanical name of plants are arranged alphabetically. The common names, family and medicinal uses of the plants are also given in this book. The book contains about 580 color photographs of 335 species of plants from different regions of India. The original locality of the plant from where the photographs have been clicked is mentioned under each picture.
  • Traditional Costumes Of Garo And Khasi Tribes Of Meghalaya

    Bijumoni Borah, Mamoni Probha Borah

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  • Vistas In Plant Sciences Vol. 4

    T M Varghese

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  • Tehelka.Com: A Tip Of The Iceberg

    Janak Raj Jai, Rajiv Jai

    Item Code: #9788187498346

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