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  • Handbook Of Farm Management In North-Eastern Hills Of India

    Sajapong, Ram Singh, Dayohimi Rymbai, K K Datta

    Item Code: #9788176224154

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  • Ethnomedicinal Plants Of Maring Tribe, Manipur

    Cheithou Charles Yuhlung

    Item Code: #9789352220250

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  • Nyishi Of Arunachal Pradesh: An Ethnohistorical Study

    Tana Showren

    Item Code: #9788189233617

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    This thought-provoking work examines ethnohistory, and under explored field of study that lies at the intersection of interpretation, reinterpretation, intellectual history, literature and gender studies. A pioneering peace of ethnohistory, uses a variety of interdisciplinary means to reconstruct the oral history of an important Tribe in North-East India, i.e. NYISHI. It traces the impact of misnomer nomenclature labeled on the Tribe throughout century and psychic agony inherent in the transformation of people under the twin impact of reign of the Ahom and colonialism. It analyses how these factors shaped and reflected the society as static and stagnant. In reconstruction the history of traditional political institution that have been wrongly intepretated and understood have been systematically re-examined to attain the objective study. Author also raises whole issues concerning the methodologies of ethnohistory and the dynamics of the whole last millennium history of Nyishi of North-East India. Author powerfully combines analysis of medieval writings eighteenth century texts, archival records, local and colonial records, and extensive ethnographic field work and attempt to piece together oral history and oral traditions of the Nyishi people which will appeal to the general reader, intellectuals, specialist, policy-maker, professionals and researchers.
    The study of oral history leads into an area of human culture to which social scientist are now increasingly turning their interests as part of research on pre-literate non-segmentary acephalous societies linking up with developing method on such subject, social memory, the emotions, the ethnography of speaking and verbal arts action more intensely. It is now timely to have a book of guidance for researchers as to the possibilities and problems of researching in the area where no written record and archive sources are available. This book will definitely serve as useful aid for such researchers who eager to work on the topics of oral history, oral tradition and understanding the non-literate community.
  • Towards Organic Agriculture

    N K Jat, B Gangwar

    Item Code: #9788170195726

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  • Status Of Social Sciences In The Vernacular Languages In North East India

    C J Thomas, D R Syiemlieh, J P Singh

    Item Code: #9788187498155

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  • Situating Education, Employment And Economy Of Scheduled Tribes Of North East India

    Reimeingam Marchang

    Item Code: #9789352220267

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  • Society And Economy In North East India Vol 3

    D R Syiemlieh, Manorama Sharma

    Item Code: #9788189233600

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  • Survey Of Research In Geography On North East India (1970-1990)

    Bimal K Kar, Abani K Bhagabati

    Item Code: #9788186030899

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  • Farming System Approaches For Sustainable Hill Agriculture In Manipur

    N Prakash

    Item Code: #9788176223966

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  • Jaintia Oral Narratives

    Shobhan N Lamare

    Item Code: #9789352220090

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  • Ecology And Economic Systems: A Case Of The Naga Community

    U A Shimray

    Item Code: #9788189233563

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    The book attempts to understand Naga Village system including social, cultural and religious settings, Naga ecological setting, and analyse interrelationships between ecology and economy of Nagas.
  • Naga Resistance Movement: Prospects Of Peace And Armed Conflict


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    The book deals with the Naga National Movement with its national and international dimensions. The study is a contribution to the fields of security/strategic and peace studies apart from touching on problems of modernisation and stabilisation in the developing countries. It has involved a selective use of historical materials some of which are available only in London (UK). It was necessary to condense a large amount of material which included unpublished source material. The research design adopted also makes it relevant to contemporary problems faced by Naga Political Society and Policy questions facing the underground Nagas and the Government of India. The author attempts to explore why the Naga political movement has endured over the last five decades after India`s Independence? What are the dynamics of Naga ethnopolitical movement? What role does Leadership play and what are the possibilities of internationalisation of Naga issue, its external implications and prospects for management of the problem? The Nagas demand for a "Greater Nagaland" is clearly linked with the growing tide of Naga Nationalism. The central argument of this book is that the Indo-Naga conflict with its blood-shed, Military patrols and encounters and human rights violations can give way to an era of peace and prosperity, if the discourse of domination and militarisation is replaced by the creation and projection of images of peace, and differences are dealt by designing a problem-solving process that promotes new thinking of long-standing problems.

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