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  • Paadap Janit Aavishaluta Evam Rog (PB)

    A K Srivastava, Rajeev Singh, Pawan Kumar Verma

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  • Protocols In Medicinal And Aromatic Plants Vol. 1

    Anupam Dikshit, Amritesh Shukla

    Item Code: #9788170195429

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  • Microbiological Examination Of Water And Wastewater

    Csaba Csuros, Maria Csuros

    Item Code: #9781138582149

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    Microbiological tests have proven to be an indispensable part of environmental contaminant detection. It has also been tremendously difficult to find a comprehensive training manual and laboratory manual for those procedures. Microbiological Examination of Water and Wastewater now provides that much-needed resource for laboratory trainees and environmental professionals alike. An all-inclusive guide to applications and techniques of microbiological testing, Microbiological Examination of Water and Wastewater includes coverage of General Microbiology, Environmental Microbiology, Environmental Microbiology Laboratory, plus Techniques and Methods in Routine Environmental Microbiology Laboratory. By exploring the fundamentals of microbiology, as well as microbial metabolism, growth, control, and classification, trainees will better understand the purpose and manner of microbiological examination. Those details also make Microbiological Examination of Water and Wastewater ideal as a standard guidebook for laboratories, water and wastewater treatment plants, and the communities they serve.
  • Basic Microbiology: A Illustrated Laboratory Manual

    B K Khuntia

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  • Microbial Biodiversity: A Boon For Agriculture Sustainability

    Asha Sinha

    Item Code: #9788176223416

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  • Natural Products: Research Reviews Vol 4

    Vijay Kumar Gupta

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  • Essentials Of Microbiology

    Sudhir Pradhan

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  • Recent Trends In Microbiology Mycology And Plant Pathology

    H C Lakshman

    Item Code: #9788170359074

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    The Recent trends in Microbiology, Mycology and Plant Pathology is compilation of articles contributed by well known researchers, scientists and academicians. The content of this book is prepared to facilitate the importance of various aspects of Microbiology, Mycology and Plant Pathology. The subject matter of this book has been conceived and presented with applications of the three branches of biology to bring the awareness about the role of microorganisms, fungi and pathogens in day today life.
    This book is divided into three sections to make it attractive and informative for the readers. The first section of this book includes articles contributed by various researchers, agricultural scientists on the field of microbiology. This section emphasises on beneficial microbial life, mycorrhizae, cyanobacteria and some techniques to study various organisms were narrated very neatly. Second section focused mainly on aspects of mycology particularly the antioxidants; secondary metabolites, enzymes of fungal origin and their importance for the human welfare have been discussed. Biological control of pathogens, diseases caused by mycoplasma, viruses and bacteria, the role of PGPR in defence response of host plants against pathogens and disease forecasting were included in the third section of this book. This book is very much useful for the students, research scholars, scientists, academicians and farmers.
  • Introductory Microbiology

    Abha Tikkoo, D V Pathak, Sneh Goyal

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    Several books on different topics like food microbiology, industrial microbiology, soil microbiology, biological nitrogen fixation and molecular biotechnology are available in universities/ research institutes which deals with specified topic. But a textbook on general microbiology written by an Indian author covering all the topics at one spot is scarcely available in the market. The undergraduate students and students preparing for competitive examinations have to consult books of foreign authors. These books are quite bulky and difficult to understand. There is a dire need of a textbook that can cover all the topics to avoid unnecessary exercise and utilize energy in a fruitful manner.
    The present book extensively embodies different topics like history, cell structure, microbial growth, bacterial classification, soil microbiology, food microbiology, fermentation, waste recycling and biotechnology. It is hoped that this compilation should serve as a torch bearer for undergraduate students who have meek knowledge of microbes.
  • Basic Microbiology: A Illustrated Laboratory Manual (PB)

    B K Khuntia

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  • BIODIGESTER: An Innovative Technology For On-board Disposal Of Human Waste In Indian Railways

    Vrat Kamboj, Lokendra Singh

    Item Code: #9789351248583

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    Biodigester Technology of DRDO has provided a decent on-board solution to the problem of unhygienic discharge of human excreta on railway tracks. Biodigesters are not only cost effective practical solution of on-board sanitation but are also space saving and maintenance free. They work efficiently against all temperature variables, fluctuating number of commuters, and require less water and no electricity for their functioning. Indian Railways has already installed thousands of biodigesters and has decided to fit all its passenger coaches with biodigester based biotoilets. This book is an endeavour to compile the information about the Biodigester Technology developed for Indian Railways. The book has been arranged into seven chapters covering aspects on the impact of human waste on sanitation and diseases, efforts of Indian Railways for onboard disposal of human waste and the technological developments of biodigester during its adoption in Indian Railways, and finally future R&D prospects for improvement in the Biodigester Technology. It is believed that the book will create awareness about sanitation in society and facilitate the policy makers to adopt this technology for safe and scientific disposal of human waste in rural and urban societies in addition to Indian Railways.
  • Innovative Approaches To Plant Disease Control

    Ilan Chet

    Item Code: #9788126556557

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    This guide presents new and promising, alternative methods for controlling fungal, viral, and bacterial diseases of plants--methods which limit and, in some cases, eliminate the use of biocides. Considers three major concepts of disease control including biological control systems, biochemical and physiological manipulations in plants, and the use of molecular biology and the potential of genetic engineering. Presents updated findings together with authors views and speculations on plant disease control.

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