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  • Meat Inspection And Control In The Slaughterhouse

    Thimjos Ninios

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  • Sheep And Goat : Meat Production And Processing

    A Sahoo, A K Shinde, S M K Naqvi, Y P Gadekar

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    Sheet and goat contributes nearly one-fourth to the total meat production in the country. They are considered as future food animals under climate change scenario. Majority of sheet and goat flocks in the tropical countries are raised on natural grazing resources. These resources are gradually denuding both in yield and quality and compromising the meat production. Further feed scarcity from grazing lands in transforming aged old traditional system to semi intensive and intensive one. The demand of small ruminant meat is increasing rapidly both in domestic and international markets and on the other hand relatively poor production from available animals, feed and infrastructure is reflecting in inflating meat prices. To bridge the gap between demand and supply, large scale specialized sheep and goat production system, which are more conductive to adopt improved production technologies like prolificacy, higher feed efficiency and accelerated production are some of the pertinent and quantifiable approaches. Furthermore, strategies should also be focused on small scale market oriented intensive production system based on existing system and agro-ecologies in certain pockets wherein innovative breeding strategies, choice of breed, feed and feeding system, housing, health and management may also be considered. This book gives a comprehensive account of current status of sheep and goat meat production and processing being practices and knowledge and technologies for improving designer and hygienic meat and meat product. The book is expected to assist students, researchers, academician, policy makers and planners. This will have long-term benefits and will promote development in both meat sector and R&D institutions.
  • Handbook Of Meat Science

    Prabhat Kumar Mandal, Ashim Kumar Biswas

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  • Beef Production

    M M Cooper

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    It is evident from recent events that this country will in the future have to be more self-supporting in all agricultural products than it has been in the past. While the milk industry in recent years, thanks to the application of science and a body of progressive producers, guided by the Milk Marketing Board, has been able to lift production considerably, the same cannot be said of the beef industry. The methods now employed in milk production are very different from those which existed fifty years ago, but the methods employed in beef production have shown little change during this period. In this book author has attempt to focus attention on some of the problems of beef production which will have to be solved before it regains its position in the economy of British agriculture. All may not agree with the solutions he offers to these various problems, but the problems have been put, and if one does not agree with the solution offered then it is up to those in the industry to offer a better solution. It is evident that radical changes in methods of production will have to be made if the beef industry is to be able to stand on it sown legs. Science has shown that the young animal is a much more efficient converter of feeding stuffs into meat than is an old one, and in these days of high costs of concentrates, it might well pay the Eastern Countries farmer better to fill his yards with yearlings during their first winter rather than to fatten older bullocks. This book will be great help to farmers, industrialists, consultants, researchers, students, other concerned people and for those who wants to venture in to this field. Contents Chapter 1: Beef Production as a Component of British Farming; Chapter 2: The Development of British Beef Breeds by Robert Bakewell; Chapter 3: Breeding: Variation and its Basis; Chapter 4: Selection; Chapter 5: Methods of Breeding; Chapter 6: Adaptation of Breeding and Strains; Chapter 7: Growth, Development and Body Form in Cattle; Chapter 8: Beef Quality; Chapter 9: Nutrition Scientific Principles; Chapter 10: Nutrition Feeding Standard and their Applications; Chapter 11: Beef from the Dairy Industry; Chapter 12: Fattening of Cattle; Chapter 13: Beef Cattle on Hill and Marginal Land by A G Davis; Chapter 14: Economic Considerations.
  • Handbook Of Quality Control Of Dairy And Meat Products

    Vijay V Jadhav, Sudhi Rajan Garg

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  • Meat Preservation Preventing Losses And Assuring Saffty

    Robert G Cassens

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    Meat Preservation is written as an integrated and all-encompassing text that includes historical aspects and trends, discussion of basic background information, the evaluation and status of techniques and procedures and treatments of potential future developments. The latter are particularly important because based on consumer desires, there is a definite trend developing to produce and market meat and meat products that have been subjected to a lesser degree of preservation, yet appear to be fresh and more healthful. Today, there is an intense interest to produce the safest meat possible. The overriding theme of Meat Preservation, provides the understanding of the science of meat and discussion for using known technologies to achieve the goal of safe meat of high quality.
  • Food Processing: A Scientific Approach

    Gboyega Oralugbagbe

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  • Thermal Processing Of Ready-to-Eat Meat Products

    Robert E Rust, C Lynn Knipe

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  • Organic Meat Production And Processing

    Ellen J Van Loo, Steven C Ricke

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  • Buffalo: Production System For Milk Meat (Buffen) And Employment

    Nityanand Pathak

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  • Practical Handbook On Meat Science And Technology

    Davinder Kumar Sharma, Jhari Sahoo, Manish Kumar Chalti

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  • Clean Meat Production With Special Reference To Pork

    Anubrata Das, R Thomas

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    Food safety has taken an entirely new dimension altogether in the recent past. It was and has always been one of the main tenants of meat processing. However, the fundamentals of slaughter and processing have changed little over the centuries, except for t he introduction and use of mechanization and refrigeration. Clean meat production: with special reference to pork is a practical book organized in a simple language for better understanding and has given relatively good emphasis on different aspects to be addressed for improving the pork processing system in India. The book covers the following major areas: guidelines for small abattoirs, planning of pig abattoir, pig slaughter operations , good manufacturing practices in pig abattoir, pig carcass evaluation, abattoir hygiene, abattoir waste management, sources of microbial contamination in carcass, meat preservation methods, parasites associated with pork, processing and value addition in meat, quality control in meat and meat products, packaging of meat products, consumer concerns in meat products evaluation, labeling of meat products and meat related standards/act enforcing agencies in India.

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