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  • Employee Engagement In The Indian Ites-Bpo Industry


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    The Indian Information Technology enabled Services (ITES) Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry has rapidly opening up, expanded, matured and with a wave of consolidation has scripted new initiatives making India as an ideal and preferred offshore destination. This book provides comprehensive information and examine the engagement levels of the employees of Indian ITES BPO industry. It incorporated both consultancy and academic literature, marrying both perspectives to contextualize engagements and produce a model relevant to the industry. The book is highly is useful to ITES BPO industry in India which is facing a lot of HR related issues. It can be beneficial to the employees while devising and implementing strategies to counter the related problem areas. I hope this information will be helpful to the above disciplines students, teachers and researchers too.
  • Cash Flow Planning In Agriculture

    James D Libbin, Lowell B Catlett, Michael L Jones

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  • Promotional Strategy For Investment Decision In Financial Markets

    Arvind P Rathod

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  • Role Of Management Training And Development In Enhancing Managerial Effectiveness

    Pradeep Kumar Das

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  • Finance And Management Of Self-Help Group

    Amit Lathiya, Arvind Rathod, Kuldeep Choudhary

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    This book has been designed as a tool for the persons forming and nurturing Self-Help Groups, to enable them to train members and office bearers of the groups in the concepts, processes and procedures of group functioning. It has been written in very simple language for easy understanding by grassroots level functionaries. The book is divided into 14 chapters. The first four modules are devoted to explaining the concept of Self-Help and the principles of group functioning and points that need to be attended to while forming groups. The field worker can use these modules at the stage of group formation. This is followed by different topics that a group should understand for management of the collective effort. The field worker can use each of these modules when attending the group meetings.
  • Encyclopaedia Of Rural Management In 15 Vols

    Manoj Kumar, S B Muniraju

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    The encyclopedia covers wide horizons and deals with various issues related to rural management viz. Changes in rural income and distribution, employment opportunities, rural welfare, water and other resources management together with other aspects of global rural life. This is an attempt to understand the problems in the development of rural sector and to suggest certain management strategies in this regards.
    The Encyclopedia of Rural Management comprises of volumes as under:
    Role of International Organisations in Rural Development
    Empowerment of Rural Women
    Rural Development and Gandhian Thoughts
    Rural Sociology
    Rural Infrastructure Management Programmes
    WTO and Agriculture
    Rural Development Challenges and Opportunities for Tomorrow
    Rural Health Care Programmes
    Rural Energy Programmes
    Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Institutions
    Rural Groundwater: Problems and Management
    Agricultural Waste Management
    Rural Environmental Management
    Poverty Alleviation and Rural Development
    Rural Child Labour
  • Role Stress, Communication And Empowerment

    Rashmi Mishra

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  • Workers Participation In Managerial Decision-Making: A Study In A Developing Country

    M A Mannan

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  • Effect Of Zodiac Signs And Planets On Indian Stock Market

    Jaydip Chaudhari, Pinkal Shah

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  • Digital Marketing Insights

    Manoj Bansal, Satinder Kumar

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  • Consumer Oriented Agricultural Marketing

    Ruchira Shukla

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