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  • Offences Against Women: Socio-Legal Perspectives

    K Kumar, Punam Rani

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  • Bioethics: Perspectives And Dilemmas: Before To Beyond Life


    Item Code: #9788186030806

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  • Manual Of Forest Law

    B H Baden Powell

    Item Code: #9788176220040

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  • Intellectual Property Rights And Their Importance In Research, Business And Industry

    Ram Pratap Singh, Vinayak Singh Tomar

    Item Code: #9789351242970

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    Intellectual property management encompasses creation, protection and exploitation of Intellectual Property Rights. Patents play a critical role in research and development of intensive industries. Patent rights are known to provide significant benefits as they can be sold or licensed and form foundation for making, using and selling industry leading products, processes and services. In order to obtain valid patent rights, however, basic knowledge of certain critical issues is considered essential among stakeholders.
    This book deals with management and protection of intellectual property in present scenario. Book is focused on the scope of patents and related rights and gives reasons why patents and related rights need to be protected. This book would be useful for researchers, industrialists, knowledge economists, lawyers and wide range of communities interested in the Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Manual Of International Humanitarian Laws

    Naorem Sanajaoba

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  • Commissions And Omissions In The Administration Of Justice

    Janak Raj Jai

    Item Code: #9788187498872

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  • Seed Legislation

    Premjit Sharma

    Item Code: #9788189729882

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  • Law And Development: An Anthology Of Topical Legal Studies

    Subash C Raina, Usha S Razdan

    Item Code: #9788187498810

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  • Corporate Law In India: Reflective Aspects And Developing Scenario

    Amit Kumar Kashyap

    Item Code: #9789352220175

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    This book is collection of essays on emerging legal issues in corporate & allied laws, researched & written keeping in mind the effects of globalization on corporate governance and highlights the response of Indian Legislature & Regulators through financial sector reforms in the form of New Companies Act 2013, Legislative measures to ease doing business in India & interpretations of latest SEBI regulations in various chapters. The book presents lucid exposition to the contemporary corporate law issues in such manner that generate interest among legal scholars. This well-timed study which uses perspectives of young corporate law scholars around nation to highlight and provide critical analysis of innovations in corporate governance adopted in India. The segments of this book are divided into five parts to address the research themes including evolving jurisprudence of corporate law, financial market reforms, competition law, make in India, corporate governance & corporate frauds.
  • Legal Control Of Radiation Pollution

    Zafar Mahfooz Nomani

    Item Code: #9788187498896

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  • Triple Talaq: An Analytical Study With Emphasis On Socio-Legal Aspects

    Furqan Ahmad

    Item Code: #9788186030073

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  • Conventional Methods In Unconventional Wars Terrorism

    Anupam Tyagi

    Item Code: #9788189233471

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