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  • Information And Communication Technologies (ICTs) For Sustainable Development

    Subrata Kr Dutta

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  • Art Of Communication

    K C Verma

    Item Code: #9788185211497

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  • Communication In Extension Education

    M M Adhikary

    Item Code: #9789351246800

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  • Mass Communication In Agricultural Extension

    Dileep Kumar

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    This book has been written keeping in mind latest developments in the area of agricultural extension. It contains all the elements of mass media and its use in communication. The book covers all the topics of the revised syllabi of ICAR s approved Agricultural Extension, Veterinary Extension, Fishery Extension and Home Science Extension.
  • Community Radio For Women Empowerment

    Arpita Sharma

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    The present book attempts to be something of usefulness, as well as being easy to handle and to understand, not only to the specialist, who is occupied with full time with study of development communication, but also for the community radio programme developers, extension workers and students. The text is presented in an orderly fashion, so that it may be better utilized by the readers. This book provides comprehensive details on development communication, participatory communication, community radio programme development, successful cases of radio, community radio module. Apart from that some of the valuable points regarding participatory community radio programme development are also given . This book provides detailed account of knowledge about community radio module. This is a ready-reckoner for the c ommunity radio stations of the country which may be referred to develop an insight for participatory programme development in their own perspectives.
  • Television Evam Gramin Samudaya

    Ishu Tomar

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  • Mass Media In Agricultural Extension

    M M Adhikary, B Lahiri, S D Mukhopadhyay

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    In recent future, global food insecurity is going to be most menacing problem for human being. In a populated country like India, the potential of mass media for agricultural extension is still not properly exploited. This book primarily focuses on different farm information communicated through newspapers and radio; particularly on farm information communicated by popular Bengali Newspapers and three radio broadcasts of All India Radio, Kolkata. At the same time, opinion of the farm people regarding farm information, disseminated by these two media and some credibility issues related to it are also enlightened.
  • Mahilaon Ke Adhikar Evam Jansanchar Sadhan

    Ishu Tomar

    Item Code: #9789351301202

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