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  • Biodiversity In India Vol 6

    T Pullaiah, K Jaganmohan Reddy

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  • Phycodiversity: Aspects And Prospects

    Prem Kumar Prasad

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  • Ethnobotanical Wisdom And Microbial Studies On Medicinal Plants

    D R Khanna

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    The present book greatly emphasize on importance of medicinal plants which are all around us. Various scriptures and mantras in our Vedas are having description anbout their medicinal values. This book covers the quality research on numerous medicinal plants and factors for their deteriorating and how we can save them is given. This book could provide necessary information to the people involved in cultivation and conservation of medicinal plants.
  • Advances In Ethnobotany

    Santosh Kumar Jha

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  • Indigenous Medicinal Plants Including Microbes And Fungi 2nd Enlarged Edition

    Purshotam Kaushik

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  • Healing Herbs For Child Health Care

    S K Sood

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  • Biodiversity In India Vol. 5

    T Pullaiah

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    The present volume 5 of Biodiversity in India includes ten articles with main emphasis on medicinal plants and ethnobotany. For the first time we included of animal diversity. The first article is on Millipedes and their conservation. The next two articles are on medicinal plants against respiratory complaints and eye diseases. Ethnobotany of East Godavari district is given in Chapter 4, Anantapur district in Chapter 7 and Komaralad Mandal in Chapter 8. Medicinal uses of orchids is given in the following Chapter 5 and Green medicine of Tirupati - Kadapa - Nallamalai region in Chapter 6. A conspectus of the Tribe Eragrostidae in Andhra Pradesh is given in Chapter 9. The last Chapter deals with cultivated plants of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Science In Veda

    D R Khanna

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    Vedas are considered as an ocean of knowledge. Every bit of Vedas is very important each stanza, each line, each word has a significant meaning to it. For the language also supports its purpose. It is said that Sanskrit is the only nearest language which could be used to explain or describe anything clearly and specifically. It is the only Vedic Dharma where religion and Science go in hand to hand. The Vedas contain in them the gems of all true sciences. The book Science in Veda deals with the combined approaches of modern science and ancient Vedic science. As we know that Indian Scriptures and Sanskrit literature is the storehouse of knowledge. As we go through this literature they have innumerable illustrations of Science, technology, arts, music, dance, environment, architecture, vehicles etc. The present book is an attempt to explore the knowledge of science, penetrate the mystery of the Vedas and to search out in them the various branches of Science. The book is divided into ten chapters describing the importance of water as described in our vedic literature.
  • Biotechnology And Traditional Knowledge

    S K Jadhav

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  • Ethnobotany Of Jalgaon Districts Maharashtra

    D A Patil, Shubhangi Pawar

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    This book embodies the results of ethnobotanical forays of the authors in Jalgaon district. It informs the availability of wild and cultivated plant species with hitherto undocumented potential for exploitation. The main text contains information on human ethnomedicine, ethno-veterinary medicine and other miscellaneous uses. It also documents plants, their parts or products associated with beliefs, rituals, fasts, worships etc. the ethnobotanical wisdom is collected, analyzed, classified and documented.

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