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  • Bharat Pakistan Sambandh

    Anupam Tyagi

    Item Code: #9788187498704

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  • Natural Products: Research Reviews Vol 4

    Vijay Kumar Gupta

    Item Code: #9789351246862

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  • Protocols In Medicinal And Aromatic Plants Vol. 1

    Anupam Dikshit, Amritesh Shukla

    Item Code: #9788170195429

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  • Ethnic Healing Herbs For Cold, Flu And Lung Ailments

    T N Lakhanpal, Suresh Kumar, Shefali Kausal, S K Sood

    Item Code: #9788170356912

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    The present compendium is first of its kind providing valuable data on 530 species belonging to 398 genera and 138 families of plants used by various ethnic societies of India for treating Cold, Flu and Lungs ailments; covering details of nomenclature, English, Hindi and Sanskrit names, Distribution, Part (s) used, Utilisation, Active constituents, Biological activity and the original source of Information. Over twenty photographs and seven appendices enhance the value of the compilation significantly. It is hoped, this invaluable compendium with its comprehensive coverage of the subject would help researchers and the medicinal plant industry in general for development of newer plant based drugs for alleviating human suffering. Audience: Students and Scholars of Ethnobotany, Economic Botany, Pharmacists, Medical Practitioners, Chemists, Biotechnologists, Plant Genetic Research Institutions, Universities Policy Planners.
  • Sheep And Goat : Meat Production And Processing

    A Sahoo, A K Shinde, S M K Naqvi, Y P Gadekar

    Item Code: #9789385055669

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    Sheet and goat contributes nearly one-fourth to the total meat production in the country. They are considered as future food animals under climate change scenario. Majority of sheet and goat flocks in the tropical countries are raised on natural grazing resources. These resources are gradually denuding both in yield and quality and compromising the meat production. Further feed scarcity from grazing lands in transforming aged old traditional system to semi intensive and intensive one. The demand of small ruminant meat is increasing rapidly both in domestic and international markets and on the other hand relatively poor production from available animals, feed and infrastructure is reflecting in inflating meat prices. To bridge the gap between demand and supply, large scale specialized sheep and goat production system, which are more conductive to adopt improved production technologies like prolificacy, higher feed efficiency and accelerated production are some of the pertinent and quantifiable approaches. Furthermore, strategies should also be focused on small scale market oriented intensive production system based on existing system and agro-ecologies in certain pockets wherein innovative breeding strategies, choice of breed, feed and feeding system, housing, health and management may also be considered. This book gives a comprehensive account of current status of sheep and goat meat production and processing being practices and knowledge and technologies for improving designer and hygienic meat and meat product. The book is expected to assist students, researchers, academician, policy makers and planners. This will have long-term benefits and will promote development in both meat sector and R&D institutions.
  • Indigenous Medicinal Plants Social Forestry And Tribals

    M P Singh

    Item Code: #9788170352730

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  • Status Of Health Of The People In Selected Tribal Dominated Region

    Babu Lal Meena

    Item Code: #9789351302599

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  • Zoonoses: Bacterial Diseases

    Sudhi Ranjan Garg

    Item Code: #9789351242703

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  • Virology

    A Maharajan

    Item Code: #9788170356813

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    Virology is a fascinating and rapidly developing subject, and is worthy of study purely because viruses are interesting! There is a continuant need for trained virologists, and it is hoped that this book will play a small role to fulfil this need. This book is specially prepared to meet the demands on Zoology, Microbiology and Biotechnology UG and PG students of various Universities, it brings out the detailed information on introduction, history, classification, architecture, replication, pathogenesis, genetics, immunology, viral host interaction, bacteriophages, plant viruses, animal viruses, interferons, antiviral drugs, prions and viroids, virus genomes, vaccination, diagnostic methods and infection control measures.
  • First Course In Mathematical Models Of Population Growth (with MATLAB Programs)

    C R Ranganathan

    Item Code: #9788185211633

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    This book attempts to present in a systematic way the most common and elementary models of Population growth. In this book the term population is used in a very general sense and hence the models can be applied to study the evolution of any type of biological organism. In each chapter the models are arranged in the order of mathematical complexity. The first chapter presents an overview of mathematical models and their characteristics. Chapter 2 discusses at length various discrete models of population growth. While chapter 3 discusses the classical deterministic models, chapter 4 includes extensions and recent modifications of the models presented in the previous chapter. The qualitative solutions of the models, which are sometimes more valuable and useful than quantitative solutions, are included in chapter 5. Properties of the logistic map, bifurcation diagrams, Feigenbaum constant, an introduction to Chaos and Lyapunov exponent are some of the topics covered in this chapter Chapter 6 is devoted to classical models of interaction between two different species. Chapter 7 presents models on human and plant epidemiology. Finally, chapter 8 presents an introduction to stochastic models. The book can be prescribed for on e semester course for postgraduate students or as an elective subject at advanced undergraduate level.
  • State Finances Of Haryana

    Yogita Hooda

    Item Code: #9789388027878

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  • Indian Police: A Critical Evaluation

    Arvind Verma

    Item Code: #9788189233242

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