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  • Bakery Food Manufacture And Quality Water Control And Effects

    Linda S Young, Stanley P Cauvain

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    Water is the major contributor to the eating and keeping qualities and structure of baked products. Its management and control during preparation, processing, baking, cooling and storage is essential for the optimisation of product quality. This successful and highly practical volume describes in detail the role and control of water in the formation of cake batters, bread, pastry and biscuit doughs, their subsequent processing and the baked product.
    Now in a fully revised and updated second edition, the book has been expanded and developed through the inclusion of new information and references related to the formation and processing of batters and dough into baked products. The new edition includes a selection of case studies based on practical experience in the manufacture and optimisation of baked products. Each case study, illustrated as appropriate, considers the various roles that water may play in different manufacturing contexts. The book is aimed at food scientists and technologists in bakery companies; ingredient suppliers; flour millers; researchers and students in academic food science departments.
  • Women Empowerment And Micro-finance

    Puspita Das

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  • Basics Of Textile Chemical Processing

    T Karthik, D Gopalakrishnan

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    The book Basics of Textile Chemical Processing provides basic understanding of concepts related to textile preparatory processes, dyeing, printing and finishing. The book is divided into ten chapters. The introductory chapter provides objectives of preparatory and other processes. The chapters two to five provides basic concepts about preparatory processes such as singeing, desizing, scouring, bleaching and mercerizing process. The chapter six dealt with the classification of dyes and their environmental aspects and chapter seven provides the basic principles of various dyeing machineries. Chapter seven and eight discusses about the basic principles of different printing methods and traditional printing of fabrics. The final chapter deals about the various kinds of value added finishes and their principles. This book is intended to provide useful information to employers, management personnel, professionals, technocrats, supervisors and employees engaged in textile chemical processing.
  • Lipid Chemistry

    Vipul Khetarpaul, Neelam Khetarpaul

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    Today study regarding chemistry and nutrition of lipids has become an interesting and challenging subject. The present book covers important aspects of classification and structures of lipids and their role in human health and disease. This book has been divided into 18 chapters which mainly cover role of cholesterol and polyunsaturated fatty acids in human health, immune system and dietary lipids, fat replacers/substitutes, analysis of lipids, crystallization of facts, chemical composition of vegetable oils, use of microorganisms for the production of lipids etc. This book is not only directed primarily for the students of Food Chemistry, Food Science and Nutritionists but can also be a ready reference for research scholars and those engaged in food research , product development and lipid biotechnology
  • Technology And Nutritional View Of Yoghurt

    Jai Singh

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    Milk is nature s most complete food, and dairy products are considered to be most nutritious foods of all. At present dairy industry has achieved tremendous progress in the country. Yoghurt is nutritionally rich in protein, calcium, vitamin D, riboflavin, vitamins B6 and B12. It has nutritional benefits beyond those of milk. The present book entitled "Technology and Nutritional View of Yoghurt"comprises of nine chapters and equal emphasis for discussion and various aspects is being given for all chapters. Each chapters of this book is arranged sequentially and rhythmically so that one can understand the subject matter easily. The book will be useful not only for students and teachers, but also for industries ingredients suppliers, dairy scientists, researchers as well as common people having concern for the milk and dairy products.
  • Pulse Foods: Processing Quality And Nutraceutical Applications

    Brijesh K Tiwari

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    Key Features First reference bringing together essential information on the processing technology of pulses Addresses processing challenges relevant to legume and pulse grain processors Delivers insights into the current state-of-art and emerging processing technologies In depth coverage of developments in nutraceutical applications of pulse protein and carbohydrate based foods Pulses are nutritionally diverse crops that can be successfully utilized as a food ingredient or a base for new product development. They provide a natural food grade ingredient that is rich in lysine, dietary fiber, complex carbohydrates, protein and B-vitamins suggesting that pulses can provide a variety of health benefits such as reducing heart disease and diabetes. Interest in the use of pulses and their ingredients in food formulations is growing and several factors are contributing to this drive. Pulse Foods: Processing, Quality and Nutraceutical Applications is the first book to provide up-to-date information on novel and emerging technologies for the processing of whole pulses, techniques for fractionating pulses into ingredients, their functional and nutritional properties, as well as their potential applications, so that the food industry can use this knowledge to incorporate pulses into new food products.
  • Textbook Of Interior Decoration

    P Parimalam

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  • Objective Food Technology : JRF, SRF, ARS, NET (PB)

    Deepika Balfour, Murali Naik Kethvethu

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    Though there are several books one comes across which take care of problems asked in examinations, but they are conventional and provides solution with the help of detailed solution. But this book Objective Food Technology has been specially designed and written covering wide range of topics in accordance with the food syllabus of various competitive examinations. This book has been authored by two youngsters Er. Murali Naik Kethavathu and Er. Deepika Balfour. We hope that a thorough reading of this book would create an interest among the students and enable them to answer any type of questions asked in the examination of Food Technology and related discipline.
  • Principles Of Food Science And Nutrition (PB)

    D Vijayalakshmi, S Shamshad Begum, Usha Ravindra

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  • Elements Of Foods And Nutrition 2nd Edn

    Alberta Dent, Mary T Dowd

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  • Compendium On Agricultural Extension

    Nirupam Biswas

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