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  • Geoecology Of Kameng Himalaya

    Zahid Husain

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  • Evolution Of Rural Settlements In West Bengal 1850-1985: (A Case Study)

    Jyotirmoy Sen, Sukla Sen

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    The alteration of the physical condition of a region through natural processes forces men to give up their age-old occupations and to take up new ones. This is followed by a corresponding redistribution of population. The latter phenomenon is also motivated by a change in the economy of the region, through a change in the mode of production. It is needless to say that rivers are of vital importance in a deltaic land of their own creation. The rivers of the Bengal delta were responsible for a particular form of economy of her people who concentrated along the banks of the rivers. But deterioration of the river channels coupled with human interference brought in a number of problems including agricultural decline, beginning of malaria fever, periodic growth and decay of population and tendency of clustering of population away from river banks to sites along railways and roads. The moribund Ganga delta was selected for the study due to its very special settlement problems. In this moribund Ganga delta when the land-building activity of the rivers ceased, there set in a period of physical stagnation, a period of transition witnessed the worsening of the salubrious climate with consequent downward trend in population density and decline in agriculture in comparison to earlier periods (pre-1850s). After the lapse of a century, the study area suddenly experienced a cataclismic increase of population which are not due to any improvement in ecological situation, but owing to mass immigration from the then East Pakistan (Bangladesh), which was followed by a larger cropped area and other manifestations of economic development in post-independence period.
  • Resource Geography Of Goa

    Dadapir M Jakati

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  • Nature Of Geography As Perceived In Systems Theory In 2 Vols

    B L Sharma

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  • Urbanisation Land Use, Land Degradation And Environment

    Ahmet Ruhi Mermut, Ali Celik, Munir Ozturk

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  • Himalaya: A Regional Prespective: Resources, Environment And Development

    M S S Rawat

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    The book casts new light on the mystifying phenomena of human resources. A veru relevant book at a time when there is an unabated attempt at exploiting the Himalayan resources.
  • Demography Of India

    P C Bansil

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  • Natural Resources Management For Sustainable Development And Rural Livelihoods In 3 Vols

    Vishwambhar Prasad Sati, K C Lalmalsawmzauva

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  • Mineral Resources And Development

    G S Roonwal, H Ranjbar, K Shahriar

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    This publication deals with the development of mineral and mineral products used in the industry from various mineral resources. It also elucidates the significant role of mineral industry in the overall national development. The volume contains contributions of well-known experts from various developing countries to an international brainstorming workshop recently conducted in Kerman, Iran where the importance of mineral development relevant to the growth of modern industry in the developing countries, viz., Indonesia, India, Iran, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Syria and Zambia is included in the publication. In this respect this volume should be of equal interest to investors in mining and economic development, technologists and policy makers in government and non government organisations.
  • Intellectual Property Rights Management In Developing Countries

    Catherina Caballero, M A M Fernando, Sheila Mavis Nyatlo

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  • Iron Ore Deposits And Banded Iron Formations In India

    G S Roonwal

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