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  • Progress In Food Preservation

    Rajeev Bhat

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    This volume presents a wide range of new approaches aimed at improving the safety and quality of food products and agricultural commodities. Each chapter provides in-depth information on new and emerging food preservation techniques including those relating to decontamination, drying and dehydration, packaging innovations and the use of botanicals as natural preservatives for fresh animal and plant products. The 28 chapters, contributed by an international team of experienced researchers, are presented in five sections, covering: Novel decontamination techniques Novel preservation techniques Active and atmospheric packaging Food packaging Mathematical modelling of food preservation processes Natural preservatives This title will be of great interest to food scientists and engineers based in food manufacturing and in research establishments. It will also be useful to advanced students of food science and technology.
  • Food Handbook

    C M E Castsberg, G J M Kempen Van Dommelen

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    This textbook is intended for students of dietetics and applied home economics, for use in teacher training, higher hotel schools and for students of human nutrition in agricultural departments of universities. Students and others with a professional or personal interest who want to know more about foodstuffs and related products can also use it as a reference work. The first four chapters give a general introduction and deal with, in this order, production, distribution and legislation (Chapter 1), potential forms of quality deterioration and spoilage (Chapter 2), methods of preservation (Chapter 3), and the presence of additives and contaminants in foodstuffs (Chapter 4). The main part of the book (see the scheme on page 11) describes the various product groups and, group by group, deals with technology, composition, potential use and storage advice. Where appropriate, a description of typical and special products follows, including those that are not essential dietary items. We are indebted to the Board of Directors of the Hogeschool Nijmegen Akademie Dietetiek. We were allowed to use as the basis for this book a thesis written previously. We also thank our colleagues, especially those from the subject department of Food, and students from the Akademie Dietetiek for remarks and marginal notes, which they made in the aforementioned thesis.
  • Food Hygiene

    Kavita Marwaha

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  • Experimental Food Chemistry

    Meenakshi Paul

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  • Techniques Of Mushroom Cultivation

    Gireesh Chand, Santosh Kumar

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    This book has been designed on Techniques of Mushroom Cultivation comprising methods, practices of spawn production and mushroom cultivation including technological advancements made during the course of time. Due to increasing importance of mushroom cultivation, the most of the educational institutions has introduced courses related to mushroom under Post-graduate (PG) and Under-graduate (UG) programmes. The book will be useful not only for the students and teachers, but also for researchers, extension workers to grasp the principle and techniques of different kinds of mushroom production as it contains recent protocols and hands on reproducible and reliable methods of mushroom cultivation. This book deals with techniques right from preparation of culture, preparation of substrates, production management, spawn production, cultivation of different edible mushrooms to post-harvest handling and value added products, written and compiled in a simple and pedagogic manner.
  • Edible Wild Plants Of The Himalayas

    R R Fernandez, Rattan Lall Badhwar

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  • Newer Concepts And Applications For Food Industry

    Y S Reddy

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  • Food Waste To Animal Feed

    Michael L Westendorf

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  • Handbook Of Meat Product Technology

    M D Ranken

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  • Fruit And Vegetable Preservation

    R C Bhutani

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    This is a comprehensive book useful for the teachers and industry of Horticulture and Food technology. In this book the first priority was given to the industry, in view of the fact that it handles not only the most perishable but also some of the most nutritious food materials which going waste. The fruit and vegetable preservation industry is still in its infancy and the book discuss its problems and trying to solve them. The book is divided into 11 sections, which covering a wide range of topics like: (1) Raw materials including minor fruits and Vegetables their survey, quality (2) Advancements in scientific and technical knowledge of the Indian fruit and vegetable preservation industry (3) Sanitation and microbiological problems in relation to the quality and shelf-life of processes fruit and vegetable products (4) Aditives and preservatives (5) Nutritive value of preserved products (6) Containers (Tin, glass, plastics, paper, etc) for fruit and vegetable products (7) Plant and equipment in the procesing of fruits and vegetables (8) Technical information service and publicity for the Indian fruit and vegetable preservation industry (9) General: Some other aspects of the industry The book will be highly useful for the industrialists, teachers, students and other persons who are interested in preservation of fruits and vegetables. A select bibliography and an exhaustive subject index have been appended to the text.
  • Sadguru Model Of Rural Development Elevates Food Security

    Govindasamy Agoramoorthy

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  • Analysis Of Milk And Its Products: A Lab Manual 2nd Edn

    Milk Industry Foundation

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