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  • Freshwater Aquaculture (PB)

    A K Singh, S. H. Ahmad

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  • Ecological And Fisheries Development In Wetlands: A Study Of Chilka Lagoon

    K P Biswas

    Item Code: #9788170351351

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  • Ecobiology Of Polluted Waters

    Arvind Kumar

    Item Code: #9788170353867

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  • Dictionary Of Aquaculture

    A K Singh, Anil Mittal

    Item Code: #9788170352037

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    Fishery science has made rapid advances in last few decades. It is a multidisciplinary subject which includes Agriculture, Veterinary sciences, Chemistry, Microbiology, Engineering, Economics etc. This dictionary contains more than 1800 entries covering the whole range of term connected with the subject. It will be useful for the students, Researchers, teachers, development officers of the state departments and other person interested, explained in a clear and lucid style understandable even to non specialists but consistent with complexity.
  • Aquariculture Biotechnology

    Sugantham Felix

    Item Code: #9788170359210

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  • Corals Of Tropical Oceans

    K P Biswas

    Item Code: #9788170355267

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  • Advances In Aquaculture Hatchery Technology

    Geoff Allan

    Item Code: #9789351073437

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  • Classification And Identification Of Freshwater Fishes

    C J Hiware

    Item Code: #9789351243168

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    The book entitled "Classification and Identification of Freshwater Fishes" presents the general aspects of the fish identification and the systematics of fishes collected from different localities of Marathwada region of Maharashtra State. The book is organized in four main chapters. The first chapter describes the main components of General aspects, classification and key for the identification of fishes. The second chapter deals with the morphological variations. The third chapter presents various measurements and counts used for the diagnosis. Finally, the fourth chapter is devoted to the Systematics of fishes.
    We hope this book will be beneficial to the students seeking knowledge in fishery science subject at degree, post-graduate and research level. It provides the baseline data for the researchers and the person interested in the fishery sector.
  • Inland Fish Diversity

    H S Mogalekar, J Canciyal, P Jawahar

    Item Code: #9789386071262

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  • Ecology Of Fish Pond

    D R Khanna, Gagan Matta, Rajani Rana

    Item Code: #9788170357391

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  • Marine Chemistry

    D Satyanarayana

    Item Code: #9788170354581

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    This book, first of its kind in India is a modest attempt of the author to bridge the gap of a text book on Marine Chemistry for undergraduate (Honours) and post-graduate students of Marine/Ocean Sciences, Earth/Environmental, and Fishery Sciences of the Indian Universities. It is designed in such a way that it can be read on its own or studied as part of any of the above courses. The subject is introduced at a level which can be followed easily by practicing Environmental Scientists and Engineers. The book is intended to provide latest information on chemical processes and distribution of chemical constituents in world oceans with special emphasis on the Indian seas. A multidisciplinary approach is followed in presenting the subject. The book not only deals with the basic principles of chemistry, but also with physico-chemical and biogeochemical processes in the oceans such as transfer of gases across air-sea interface, biogeochemical cycling of nutrients and trace metals, and their involvement in food chain and life processes. Developments on the use of radioactive isotopes as tracers for the study of oceanic processes, geochronology of sediments and growth rates of manganese nodules are presented in a lucid manner. Chemical reactions and mechanism of photosynthesis, interrelationships of organic matter and nutrients with primary production are explained in detail.

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