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  • Drought Management And Desertification Control: Still Miles To Go

    Kisamba Mugerwa, R P Dhir

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  • Geographic And Oceanographic Research In Indian Waters

    R B Seymour Sewell

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  • Bio-energy From Wastewaters

    D R Saini, S N Kaul, Yogesh Chandra Sharma, Prateek Kaul

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    Methane recovery from wastewaters through anaerobic treatment is potentially one of the most attractive methods of solving the twin problems of energy production and pollution control in a cost effective manner. Attempts towards the satisfaction of energy needs of mankind in the biosphere warrants substantial external energy subsidies. Therefore, shift in energy-mix towards renewable is now recognised as one of the necessary measures for meeting the energy needs of the future. The anaerobic process is in many ways ideal for waste treatment. It has several significant advantages over other available methods and is almost certainly assured of increased usage in the future. Anaerobic treatment is currently employed at most municipal treatment and also in some industrial sectors. However, inspite of the present significance and large future potential of this process, it has not yet enjoyed the favourable reputation it truly deserves. The primary obstacle has been a lack of fundamental understanding of the process, required both to explain and control the occasional upsets which may occur, and to extend successfully this process to the treatment of wide variety of industrial wastewaters.
  • Environmental Resource Management: (Critical Issues)

    Arvind Kumar, Pashupati Kumar Roy

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  • Environmental Biotechnology

    Arvind Kumar

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    This book has 64 indepth chapters dealing with one of the most crying needs of modern society. Now-a-days biotechnology is playing a key role in prevention and control of pollution at low cost, recycling of wastes and application of natural methods for waste treatment and environmental management for sustainable development. Emphasis on environmental biotechnology for substitution on non-renewable with renewable has become the demand of time. Therefore, promotion of environmentally sound biotechnology is urgently required to save the biosphere from the demon of ecodegradation and at this juncture, this book will also be helpful in paving the path of ecosocialism in the developing countries like India. This book is a unique compilation of 64 research articles, which must be useful to the students pursuing advanced and specialized courses, academicians, researchers, scientists, administrators, industrialists, environmental lawyers, rural technologists and the interested people in general.
  • Fundamentals Of Environmental Economics

    A Kumar

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  • Chemistry Of Volumetric Water Quality Analysis

    P V Nidheesh

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    Volumetric method is one of the efficient tools available, used to find the concentration of various water contaminants such a chloride, alkalinity, hardness etc. This book describes the chemistry of the volumetric analysis carried out to find the contaminant concentration as per APHA method. Chemistry behind the volumetric analysis is very important for the exact quantification of water pollutants. Basics of volumetric analysis and an introduction to safety in the Environmental Engineering lab are included. This book will be useful for all students studying Environmental Engineering, teachers, lab assistants, researchers, consultants etc.
  • Impact Of Natural Calamities On Livestock

    P V Nidheesh

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    Livestock play an important role and multifaceted role in low-income economics. Their many direct and indirect values make quantification of their contribution difficult. As a result, their indirect values, in particular as often overlooked. Natural calamities take a heavy toll on low-income countries, due to countries exposure and vulnerability part of which is due to their high dependence on livestock, it can help future research in this area. This book suggest the public and donors understand the economic role that livestock play in developing economics, and the way they are affected by natural calamities. Better economics assessment of the indirect impart of natural calamities, assessing where assessment of the indirect impart of disasters, assisting with the development of economic modeling of livestock, the importance of prevention, mitigation and preparedness in limiting the impact of natural calamities, its approach to natural calamities reduction.
  • Soil And Environmental Analysis: Modern Instrumental Techniques 3rd Edn

    Malcolm S Cresser, Keith A Smith

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    Evaluating traditional and recent analytical methods according to speed, sensitivity, and cost-efficiency, this reference supports specialists in the selection of effective analytical techniques and equipment for the study of soils, soil contaminants, and environmental samples. Updated and revised, this Third Edition illustrates the advantages, limitations, range, and challenges of the major analytical approaches utilized in modern research laboratories. It includes new chapters and expanded discussions of the measurement of organic pollutants in the environment and gas fluxes between the land surface and atmosphere, and an extensive range of environmental materials.
  • Current Issues In Environmental And Fish Biology

    S K Maitra

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    This title includes original and authentic reports on various aspects of Environmental and Fish Biology discussed at a Seminar of the same name held in 2002 in Department of Zoology, Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, India. The aim of this publication is to provide comprehensive, integrated reviews giving sound, critical, and provocative ideas of selective presentations in the seminar covering diverse areas of environmental and fish biology, from molecular to organismic levels. The topics included in this treatise are the testimony of significant growth and development that took place in recent years. Likewise, the authors of these articles are the scientists who were responsible for many of these advances. Obviously, scientist engaged in research in the areas of environmental and fish biology will find this book of particular value. But the topics covered will also attract scientists and graduate students in animal physiology, endocrinology, cell and molecular biology, ecology, toxicology and reproductive biology.
  • Textbook Of Disaster Management

    Nitesh Kumar

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  • Sustainable Approaches For Environmental Conservation

    D R Khanna

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