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  • Limnological Modeling

    D R Khanna, R Bhutiani

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    In Spite of great importance and interest in limnological modeling which is an emerging field, today very little literature is available regarding this subject, and the need for such books has been keenly felt both by students and teachers. This book limnological modeling is meant to fulfill such a need. It will interest those who are involved with, and those who have a concern for, the control of limnological pollutions. This book consists of six chapters including a newly developed model to predict DO-BOD interaction. This model is a generalized one and can be used throughout the world in any river system. This book will help students, teachers, limnologists, researchers, academicians etc. in understanding the mathematical models.
  • Inland Fishery Enhancements

    Tomi Petr

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    The major objective of the book was to promote better understanding of how various factors must fit together for successful implementation of inland fisheries enhancement programmes. Accordingly, the papers span a broad range of topics: technical, socio-economic, cultural and administrative. Techniques, geographic constraints, problems of information gathering and monitoring, and genetics are addressed. Because of its relative importance as an enhancement technique, stocking received much attention; areas discussed include strategies, modelling and prediction of results, health management and fitness of stocked fish as well as stocking experiences by type of water body. Cage culture: its importance, promotion through extension and limitations is also considered. Other paper cover social and economic benefits and their distribution, institutions and self and participatory management. Country reviews dealing very broadly with enhancements are also included.
  • Recreational Fisheries Development In India

    Ramakrishnan Korakandy

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  • Machali Palan Kaise Kare (PB)

    A K Singh, Rajani Gupta, Smita Sweta

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  • Biodiversity Of Aquatic Resources

    Sumit Dookia, Mamta Rawat

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  • Nanotechnology In Aquaculture: Role Of Animal Sciences In National Development Vol 1

    B N Pandey, B B Kaliwal, G K Kulkarni

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  • Marine Capture Fisheries

    Praveen Kumar Singh

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  • Jal Krishi (PB)

    S H Ahmad, M Kumari

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  • Animal Diversity: Natural History And Conservation Vol. 4

    Anil K Varma, Vijay Kumar Gupta

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  • Freshwater Aquaculture

    A K Singh, S H Ahmad

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    Chapter 1: Introduction Cultivable Waters
    Chapter 2: The Typical Fish Pond Depth-Transparency/Visibility-Temperature-Dissolved Oxygen-Carbon Dioxide-Acidity, Alkalinity and Neutrality of Water-Dissolved Nutrients-Zooplankton-Weed Dwelling Fauna-Bottom Dwelling Fauna-Phytoplankton-Filamentous Algae-Marginal and Emergent Weeds-Surface Floating Weeds-Submerged Plants-Aquatic Weed Control
    Chapter 3: Biology of Cultured Carps Selection of Cultivable Species-Biology of Cultured Carps-Catla (Catla catla)-Rohu (Labeo rohita)-Mrigal (Cirrhinus mrigala)-Calbasu (Labeo calbasu)-Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella)-Silver Carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix)-Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio)-Food and Feeding Habits of Fishes
    Chapter 4: Culture of Indian Major Carps and Exotic Carps Indigenous Culture Practices of Carps-Cultural Methods-Seed Stocking, Rearing and Mortality-Predatory Fishes in Nursery Ponds-Other Predators in Nursery Ponds-Weed Fishes in Ponds-Eradication of Predatory and Weed Fishes-Control of Insects in Ponds-Manuring of Nursery Ponds-Controlling Weeds in Nursery Ponds-The Food of Fry-Nursing Eggs to Hatchings-Nursing the Fry (Hatchling and Larvae)-Supplementary Feeding-Nursing Advance Fry-Nursery Ponds-Stocking Fry and Fingerlings-Compatible Species-Introducing Predators-Ponds Management and Harvesting-Pond Breeding of Carps-Live Fishes-Fish Enemies
  • Freshwater Plankton And Macrophytes Of India

    Arvind Kumar

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  • Perspectives In Animal Ecology And Reproduction Vol. 07

    V K Gupta

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