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  • Environmental Degradation And Global Health

    Ashwani Kumar Dubey

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  • Perspectives In Animal Ecology And Reproduction Vol. 10

    V K Gupta

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  • Biological Diversity And Its Conservation

    R P Singh, Dushyant K Sharma

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    Biological diversity or biodiversity refers to the diversity, or variety, of plants and animals and other living things on earth. There are many levels of diversity-from DNA and genes to species, populations, ecosystems, and communities. This diversity is the beauty of nature and is essential for the survival of human beings. Life on Earth would not exist if its rich biodiversity were severely altered. Species and the ecosystems in which they live are linked together though the flows of energy and materials. A change in the life of one species could ripple throughout an ecosystem, changing the life of many other species, including humans. But due to the greed of mankind, there has been a great threat to the biodiversity. Many human activities, which stem from the population explosion, have threatened biodiversity. Pollution, over hunting, global climate change, habitat fragmentation and degradation and introduction of exotic species are some main causes of loss of biological diversity. Thus it is necessary to think about the problem of biodiversity loss and to come out with some solution for its conservation. This book is a humble effort in this direction. The main objective behind this book is to make people aware about biological diversity and to sensitize them about the urgent need for its conservation. The book is divided into two sections: Section I includes review articles by various academicians and the Section II has research papers by various scientists and academicians. We hope these review and research articles would be able to motivate the students, academicians and general public about various issues of biological diversity and its conservation.
  • Freshwater Ecosystem: A Case Study Of River Henwal

    D R Khanna, Gagan Matta

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  • Freshwater Plankton And Macrophytes Of India

    Arvind Kumar

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  • Biotechnology And Traditional Knowledge

    S K Jadhav

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  • Physico-Chemical And Microbiological Characters Of Water

    Manish L Srivastava

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  • Environmental Science: Economic, Social And Political Dimensions

    Har Darshan Kumar

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  • Algal Flora Of Chilika Lake

    Siba Prasad Adhikary, Jnanendra Rath

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    The book presets a detail account of algae of Chilika Lake, the largest brackish water lagoon in Asia, in the East coast of India. The algal forms of the lake were collected during the year 1999 to 2001, documented with microphotograph and camera lucida diagrams and identified by us. The taxonomic account of these algal forms has also been prepared. Besides the documentation of algal forms, resource mapping and biomass estimation of economically important algal species in different salinity gradients of the lake was carried out for the first time and presented in this book. Viable protocol for agar-agar extraction from Gracilaria verrucosa occurring in the lake and its possible commercial exploitation is also given. Details of algal forms presented in this book with descriptions, photographs, line diagrams and site of occurrence in Chilika lake can be used as a monograph for future study of algal diversity changes in Chilika lake and other wetlands elsewhere.
  • Biotechnology For Sustainable Utilization Of Bioresources

    H N Thatoi, Nayak, S K

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  • Environmental Biotechnology And Biodiversity Conservation

    Mihir Kumar Das

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    The world is losing species and biodiversity at an unprecedented rate. The causes go deep and the losses are driven by a complex array of social, economic, political and biological factors at different levels. Environmental biotechnology is concerned both with the implications and applications of biotechnology in the wider context of environment. On the other hands, efforts are being made to use biotechnology to protect the environment from pollution and to conserve natural resources. The present book is a compendium of wide ranging topics in various fields like biotechnological applications of algae, in vitro propagation of plant, strees responses, environmental impact of pesticides, biodiversity study, ethno botany and many others. Besides a few reeview articles, it encompasses almost all chapters dealing with the experimental findings, which will enhance the scientific temper among the students as well as researchers. This book would be informative to the students, teachers, scientists and researchers in the field of applied science.
  • Animal Diversity: Natural History And Conservation Vol. 5

    Anil K Varma, Vijay Kumar Gupta

    Item Code: #9789351246169

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