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Astral publishes higher academic reference books in Agriculture, Science and Technology, Indian Medicine and Social Sciences. We have in-house facilities for typesetting, editing, designing, printing and distribution, manned by experire
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Astral distributes books not only in India but also globally. We have a wide network of booksellers and distributors, besides having a team of experienced marketing professionals. We promote our books through our catalogues, marketing.
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Most of our books are being made available in e-book format following standards of the industry and state-of-the-art technology. Most of our books are being made available in e-book format following standards of the industry.
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doubling-farmers-income-through-horticulture By K. L. Chadha et. al.
recent-concept-on-repeat-breeding-in-dairy-cattle By Dibyajyoti Talukdar, Papo
indian-tachinid-flies-bioconrol-agents By T V Sathe
sandt-diplomacy-and-sustainable-development-in-the-developing-countries By Tahereh Miremadi
fungal-diversity-ecology-and-metabolites By Obasi Nwosu
animal-biotechnology-vaccines-and-diagnostics-markets-and-investment-opportunities By G. Dhinakar Raj and S.R. Ra
inland-fish-diversity By H.S. Mogalekar, J. Canciy
grapes-a-glossary By S. D. Ramteke et. al.
constraint-and-challenges-to-social-science-research-in-north-east-india By L. S. Gassah, C. J. Thoma
pomegranate-for-nutrition-livelihood-security-and-entrepreneurship-development By N.V.Singh, R. K. Pal
plant-pathology-fundamentals-and-applications By B. Srinivasulu, M. Rajama
voluntary-agencies-and-rural-development By Seema Nikalje
soilless-crop-production By Sanjay Misra
100-years-of-indian-cinema-crisis-and-resilience By Bandana Jha
mycorrhizal-fungi By Ashok Aggarwal and Kuldeep
farm-managerial-economics By K. Nirmal Ravi Kumar
environmental-problems-and-sustainable-development-issues-and-challenges By Roopshikha Agrawal
biocatalysts-in-biomass-to-bioproducts By K. Ramasamy and S. Karthike
profitable-sheep-and-goat-farming By Z A Pampori
objective-question-bank-of-veterinary-pharmacology-and-toxicology By Neelam Tandia, Rajesh Kum
importance-production-and-processing-of-seeds By Alfred Stefferud
current-trends-in-farming-systems-research By A.K. Mehta, Jagdev Singh,
biodiversity-in-horticultural-crops-vol-5 By K. V. Peter
land-draining-a-handbook-for-farmers By Manly Miles
fundamentals-of-foods-and-nutrition By Gboyega Oralugbagbe
agriculture-and-irrigation By Kinsley D. Doyle
irrigation-and-drainage By Franklin Hiram King
land-drainage By W. L. Powers, T. A. H. Te
principles-of-plant-pathology By J. George Harrar
diseases-of-poultry By Ernest Gray
food-technology-lab-manual By Gboyega Oralugbagbe
farm-implements-and-machinery By J. R. Bond
destructive-and-useful-insect By C. L. Metcalf, W. P. Flin

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