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  • Perspective Of Extension Education

    M M Adhikary

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  • Textbook On Rural Sociology And Educational Psychology (PB)

    R Velusamy

    Item Code: #9789351249467

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  • Sustainable Development Through Innovative Agriculture

    C Karthikeyan, R Sendilkumar

    Item Code: #9789351249818

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  • Adult Continuing And Extension Education At A Glance (PB)

    Gajanand Palve, Hema Sarat Chandra N

    Item Code: #9789351248644

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    This book is prepared as per the syllabus by covering all concepts in a well structured and precise manner. It provides adequate number of objective question and answers to conquer UGC-JRF examination. The question and answers are memory based, collected and solved from various examinations related to adult and continuing education and agricultural extension disciplines. This book would be very useful for those appearing for various competitive examination, like post-graduate, SAUs Entrance, Ph.D. JRF, ARS, ICAR- NET, SET, Agricultural Officer, Bank (PO) (Agriculture), ADO and Allied Examinations conducted by different agencies.
  • Multiple Choice Questions In Adult Education Continuing Education Andragogy Non Formal Education

    M Surudhi, M Ganapathy Ramu

    Item Code: #9788170357308

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  • Modelling In Communication Behaviour Of Farmers

    Shahid Ahamad, Deepak De, Bansi Lal

    Item Code: #9789351309741

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    Communication is the oldest continued activity of human beings. It is the basic need of human beings and a web of society which makes the survival, growth, progress and development possible and holds the society intact and progressive. Communication is the most powerful input which brings substantial development in socio-economic status of an individual. Communication is the vital aspect to change the behaviour of an individual. Television as a mass medium has made dissemination of news, information and entertainment possible. It is one of the most versatile audio-visual aids ever developed. This book deals with the model building in communication behavior of the farmers. The present book has been designed to meet out the problems of the students, extension administrators, farmers, planners etc. as it provides immense knowledge of communication process. The mathematical communication model built by the authors will assist the researchers for further studies. This will help to enrich the discipline of extension education.
  • Training In Extension Education

    M M Adhikary

    Item Code: #9789351248828

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  • Self Management Through Extension Education

    Dileep Kumar, Rajkumar Josmee Singh

    Item Code: #9789386200006

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