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  • Humanizing Work And Work Environment Ergo: Safety For All

    Deepa Vinay

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  • Technology Transfer And Commercialisation

    Sheikha Al Akhzami

    Item Code: #9789351249115

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  • Coastal Ecosystems: Hazards Management And Rehabilitation

    Ratan K Datta

    Item Code: #9788170355571

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  • Descriptive Catalogue Of The Indian Deep Sea Fishes In The Indian Museum

    A Alcock

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    It is a revised account of the Deep-Sea Fishes collected by the Royal Indian Marine Survey Ship Investigator, during the years 1885-1899 and is a catalogue of 169 varieties of fishes.
  • Urbanisation Land Use, Land Degradation And Environment

    Ahmet Ruhi Mermut, Ali Celik, Munir Ozturk

    Item Code: #9788170357117

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  • Sustainable Rainwater Harvesting And Groundwater Rechare In Developing Countires

    Vasant Takalkar, A R Shivakumar, Tanuja N Ariyananda

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  • Plant Tissue Culture And Transformation Techniques

    Balram Sharma

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    This publication deals with various aspects of the genetic engineering-plant tissue culture and transformation techniques. Due to their biological, ecological and geographic diversity, the demand for various horticultural crops is likely to increase manifold in the future and in order to meet such demand, there is an urgent need to concentrate on the research aspects for improvement of these crops. Plant tissues culture offers new tools to accomplish this objective. Plant tissue culture is an important area of biotechnology, whic is used for the propagation of problem-species, rapid propagation of high value genotypes, production of secondary metabolites etc. Tissue culture is an important step in developing new hybrids from distant parents and transgenics and particularly cost-effective technology with palpable impact in vegetatively propagated plants, which is celarly visible in improved yields of cultivars incorporating genes from unexplored sources and improved germplasm, enhancement of quality parameters and supply of disease-free clones of true-to-type planting materials. Plant tissue culture is the most rapid and efficacious way to speedy productin of large volumes of identical plants for specific markets. Micropropagation is the quickest way for popularization of new varieties of horiticultural crops where other methods of mass multiplication of genetically pure and homogeneous planting materials are very slow. With the advent of transformation technology, it has become a useful tool to mass produce new plants with genetic material transferred from unrelated sources with the help of tissue culture. The volume contains contributions by several authors highlighting the status of genetic engineering and plant tissue culture research and development programmes in various developing countries and case studies on a few economically important crops. The publication will be of immense value to the working scientists, institutions, policy makers and all those bearing responsibility to develop, implement and intensify programmes in the related subjects in their respective countries. This book provides a good picture of efforts being made and success already achieved in the Third World countries at various levels of development striving to secure gains from the latest advances in science and technology.
  • Drought Management And Desertification Control: Still Miles To Go

    Kisamba Mugerwa, R P Dhir

    Item Code: #9789351249719

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  • Empowering Women Through Better Healthcare And Nutrition In Developing Countries

    Angella Atwaru Atero, Sheel Sharma

    Item Code: #9788189233754

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  • Intellectual Property Rights Management In Developing Countries

    Catherina Caballero, M A M Fernando, Sheila Mavis Nyatlo

    Item Code: #9788170357803

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  • Enhancing Change Through Science Centres

    Lebs Mphahlele, Aman Kumar Maulloo

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  • Science And Technology Policy And Indicators For Development: Perspectives From Developing Countries

    V K Gupta, Seetha Wickremasinghe

    Item Code: #9788170355458

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    Science and Technology is an essential element of socioeconomic development of nations. In recent times, emergence of new technologies, knowledge -based economies and globalization have made unprecedented impact on the human civilization. The developing societies would need to adjust to the pace of change of these developments and respond by evolving and implementing appropriate national S&T policies. There is a need to enhance their capabilities for establishing meaningful S&T policy and indicators for effective decision making. This publication reflects the views and experiences of scholars and policy makers resulting from the deliberations during the international conference on S&T policy research and statistical indicators held in Colombo, Sri Lanka on 8-10 November 2006. It includes contributions on perspectives on S&T policy and indicators from several developing countries, leveraging S&T policy for innovation and S&T policy implications in socio-economic sectors. The book presents significant insights on issuess and concerns on S&T policy research and statistical indicators in developing countries and is likely to be of immense value for various stakeholders.

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