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  • Objective Botany : Question Bank For Civil Service Examinations NET, SET, Ph.D. And Allied Examination(PB)

    T Pullaiah

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    This book presents objective questions from all well-known branches of Botany. As many as 2200 questions have been framed right from Viruses which are invisible to naked eye to the most noticeable Angiosperms and from classical Taxonomy to the Modern Molecular Biology. The questions are compiled to help students appearing for the three coveted exams like Civil services, UGC -CSIR NET and Ph.D. entrance exams. Questions are substantially acquired from different competitive exams and also UGC -CSIR NET. Sections like Cytology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Physiology and Ecology have more questions as these branches are more focused in these exams.
  • Plant Pathology At A Glance (PB)

    R P Singh

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  • Question Bank Of Veterinary Gynaecology Obstetrics And Andrology

    Thakur Matendra Singh

    Item Code: #9789385055287

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  • Key Notes On Agriculture Botany (PB)

    J V Patil, U D Chavan

    Item Code: #9789351246480

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  • Smart Guide To Veterinary Parasitology

    Ravi Latha Bhasakaran

    Item Code: #9789385055706

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  • Basic Experiments In Biotechnology (PB)

    Ashok Kumar Rathoure

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    This book has been divided into four segments. First segment has introduction about biotechnology and its emerging fields. Second segment has 13 basic experiments for the students who are entering into the laboratory for the first time. In this segment, students will learn about the preparation of buffer and solutions, quantitative and qualitative tests about amino acids, protein, nucleic acids, (RNA & DNA) by different methods and isolation of casein protein from the milk. In the segment 2, we have elaborated about physiology. Here, the students will learn about expression of solutions in concentrations, determination of urine urea nitrogen, calculating acid number of fats, calculation of saponification number and average molecular weight of triacylglycerols, salting in, salting out and dialysis of proteins, determination of serum albumin, total cholesterol, etc., blood group analysis, ouchterlony double diffusion test and determination of haemoglobin content by haemoglobinometer. The last segment has 28 experiments about biotechnology and biological techniques for microbiology, plant tissue culture, genetic engineering and industrial biotechnology. This book will extensively assist students, teachers and academicians to further extend their knowledge beyond the course work and related subject matter but onto the practical application to gain insights of what happening new in the present era of applied science.
  • Question Bank On Entomology (PB)

    Supriya Biswas

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    In the present book questions are written in simple language and even complex concepts have been divided into several understandable steps of questions.. A wide coverage of topics in 18 chapters viz. Systematics and Taxonomy, Morphology, Embryology, Internal Anatomy and Physiology, Ecology, Biological Control, Chemical Control and Toxicology, Host Plant Resistance, Innovative Approaches in Pest Control, Integrated Pest Management, Pesticide Application Equipments, Pests of Crops and their Management, Pests of Stored Products and their Management, Arthropod Vectors of Plant Diseases, Honey Bees and Beekeeping, Silkworms and Sericulture, Lac Insect, Other Useful Insects and Pests of Medical Importance are given. The book is designed to serve the problems of students of entomology, nematology, plant pathology, agriculture etc. preparing for various competitive examinations like ARS, NET, JRF, SRF, UPSC, SAUs and Allied Exams.
  • Key Notes On Entomology, Plant Pathology And Microbiology (PB)

    J V Patil, U D Chavan, B P Chavan, G P Deshmukh

    Item Code: #9789351246534

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  • Agriculture At A Glance (Hindi) PB

    B B Singh, Rakesh Kumar Sharma

    Item Code: #9789351243069

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  • Objective Environmental Studies With Glossary For Undergraduate Students Of All Indian Universities (PB)

    B S Jina, C S Bohra

    Item Code: #9788170356615

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  • Key Notes On Food Science And Technology (PB)

    J V Patil, U D Chavan

    Item Code: #9789351246541

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  • Key Notes On Biochemistry And Biotechnology (PB)

    J V Patil, U D Chavan

    Item Code: #9789351246527

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