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  • Applied Biocatalysis In Pharmaceuticals

    Vivek Kothari

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  • Key Notes On Biochemistry And Biotechnology (PB)

    J V Patil, U D Chavan

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  • Salt: The Complete Reference

    H Param Dave

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    The salt industry is world s one of the oldest industry, but there is no any technical book on salt production, especially on Solar Salt production. The book Salt: The Complete Reference is focused on solar salt production. This can help as field key, reference book and for technical guidance for salt manufacturer of all over the world. This book contains the collection of data from author s own experience, from various technical research papers and from various experienced people. The book contains manuscript with high resolution photographs, tables, charts, graphical representations and technical calculations. The content flow from the chemistry of Seawater and salt to detailed technical guidelines for construction of Salt works and up to Harvesting of Salt, etc. This book can be helpful as a handbook for solar Salt production operation, which will help to improve salt industries.
  • Lipid Chemistry

    Vipul Khetarpaul, Neelam Khetarpaul

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    Today study regarding chemistry and nutrition of lipids has become an interesting and challenging subject. The present book covers important aspects of classification and structures of lipids and their role in human health and disease. This book has been divided into 18 chapters which mainly cover role of cholesterol and polyunsaturated fatty acids in human health, immune system and dietary lipids, fat replacers/substitutes, analysis of lipids, crystallization of facts, chemical composition of vegetable oils, use of microorganisms for the production of lipids etc. This book is not only directed primarily for the students of Food Chemistry, Food Science and Nutritionists but can also be a ready reference for research scholars and those engaged in food research , product development and lipid biotechnology
  • Metallic Contamination And Its Toxicity

    Ashutosh Gautam, Chakresh Pathak

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  • Topological Modeling And Drug Designing

    Dheeraj Mandloi

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  • Biological Radiation Protection: A Protocol Manual

    Raj Kumar

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    This experimental manual provides comprehensive information about the designing and execution of the experimental protocols for radioprotective drug screening. The manual divided into seven sections. Each section arrange in chronological order from preliminary to advance methods to evaluate a drug molecule for its probable radioprotective properties. This manual is first of its kind in the area of radiation biology and radioprotection. Preliminary in vitro assay (section I) designed to evaluate in vitro antioxidant activity of test compound which are integral part of radioprotection. Secondary methods (Section II) designed to evaluate radioprotective efficacy of test compound towards biomacromolecules i.e. proteins, enzymes and plasmid DNA. The third section (Section III) of this manual dedicated to evaluate in vitro radioprotective potential of test compound in cell culture in terms of colony forming unit (CFU), superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione reductase, glutathione-s-transferase, and lysosomal membrane stability. Radiation induced gemonic DNA damage and apoptosis is the common cause of cell death in cells. Therefore, to assess DNA damage and apoptosis inhibitory activity of the test compound a complete section (section IV) was formulated. Further, to estimate mitochondrial DNA damage and perturbation in oxidative phosphorylation as well its modulation by radioprotective drug molecule detailed protocols were mentioned in section V and section VI of the manual. Last but not the least, section VII of this manual was designed to evaluate immune system radioprotection by radioprotective compound. The manual arranged in systematic manner, by follow the protocols of this manual researcher can confirm and classify the radioprotective efficacy of the test molecule.
  • Reproductive Ecology

    A J Solomon Raju

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    In this issue, original research and review works relating to pollination ecology with reference to biodiversity conservation and management have been included. The subject encompasses diverse fields of research involving the conservation and management plant and animal species with an integrated ecosystem approach. A paper dealing with seasonal variations and effect of temperature and salinity on the b-carotene in some seaweeds of East Coast of India is also incorporated. Finally, the work related to the diversity and distribution of pteridophytes in the flora of Ethiopia and Eretria is incorporated.
  • Selected Concepts In Chemistry

    B P Nandeshwarappa

    Item Code: #9788170195986

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  • Indian Herbs For Perfumery And Beauty Care

    B P Nandeshwarappa

    Item Code: #9788170356929

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  • Experimental Food Chemistry

    Meenakshi Paul

    Item Code: #9788189729134

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  • Elements Of Agricultural Chemistry

    R K Kaleeshwari

    Item Code: #9789381226872

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