Farm Machinery And Farm Motors

J Brownlee Davidson,Leon Wilson Chase

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  • ISBN: 9789383285891

  • No. of Pages: 520

  • Imprint: Agri Horti Press

  • Publisher: Agri Horti Press

  • Year: 2018

In the present book the whole subject matter has been divided into 23 chapters and two parts. Part I deals mechanical principles, transmission of power, strength of materials, seedling, harvesting, haying, threashing, corn machinery, pumping and value and care of farm machinery, manure spreaders, feed mills, wagon, buggies and seeds. Part II have been dedicated to the information regarding the animal motors, windmills, steam boilers, steam and traction engines, farm shop, electrical machinery, gas oil and alcohol engines. This book is intended as a general text cum reference book for courses in agricultural engineering, mechanical engineering as well as by those who are engaged in commercial exploration of farm machinery and farm motor.


J. Brownlee Davidson, B.S., M.E. was Professor and Head, Agricultural Engineering at Iowa State University. He is recognized as the founder of Agricultural Engineering. He was elected as the first President of American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE). He also served as a Junior Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Leon Wilson Chase, B.S. M.E., was Associate Professor of Farm Mechanics at University of Nebraska. He also served as Associate Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers.


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