World Trade Organisation: A Critical Evaluation

S Nagabhushana

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  • Year: 2014

This book is an attempt to understand the world trade organisation and its role and responsibility it plays in the world trade and the rules of trade as well as the important Agreements which were ratified by the member nations of the World Trade Organisation. Further this book contains the impact of the WTO as well as its set agreements on the various sectors of Indian Economy. In modern world International trade is a part and parcel of every individual human being as well as the business organisations; hence, there is an essentiality to know about the rules and regulations of the trade around the world. In modern days international trade has been improved with more innovative and new multi dimensional functions in the field of business with the effect of Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization.
This book provides detailed information about the World trade organisation in its entirety and related areas with an understandable language and the concepts are presented with easy illustrations.
In total this book is a master piece, which will give the elaborative understandings on the establishment of WTO also about the causes for establishment of the WTO as well as the usage of WTO with the effects of WTO and the working of WTO, WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism and the Impact of WTO on Developing and Developed world economy including the measures taken by the WTO for the improvement of the International business.

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Acknowledgements vii
Abbreviations ix
List of Tables xvii
List of Figures xix
List of Exhibits xxi
1. Origin, Structure and Role of WTO 1
2. Aim and Methodology 51
3. Dispute Settlement Mechanism under WTO: An Analysis with Special Reference to India 87
4. An Evaluation of Various Agreements of WTO and their Impact on Indian Economy 127
5. WTO Negotiations on Agriculture and the Implications for Developing Countries including India 167
6. Summary and Conclusions 201
Bibliography 223

Dr. S. Nagabhushana is a Financial Analyst in IBM India Private Limited and Visiting Subject Expert in International Business in Post Graduate courses of Bangalore University in Commerce and Management. He holds Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Bangalore University and Master Degree in Commerce with specialization of Finance from Sri Krishnadevaraya University and he has been awarded with Doctorate for his research work in International Business from Sri Krishnadevaraya University and he has qualified in professional teaching certifications such as UGC NET and APSET.


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