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  • Advances In Environmental Sciences And Engineering

    Aditya Kishore Dash

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  • Beef Production

    M M Cooper

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    It is evident from recent events that this country will in the future have to be more self-supporting in all agricultural products than it has been in the past. While the milk industry in recent years, thanks to the application of science and a body of progressive producers, guided by the Milk Marketing Board, has been able to lift production considerably, the same cannot be said of the beef industry. The methods now employed in milk production are very different from those which existed fifty years ago, but the methods employed in beef production have shown little change during this period. In this book author has attempt to focus attention on some of the problems of beef production which will have to be solved before it regains its position in the economy of British agriculture. All may not agree with the solutions he offers to these various problems, but the problems have been put, and if one does not agree with the solution offered then it is up to those in the industry to offer a better solution. It is evident that radical changes in methods of production will have to be made if the beef industry is to be able to stand on it sown legs. Science has shown that the young animal is a much more efficient converter of feeding stuffs into meat than is an old one, and in these days of high costs of concentrates, it might well pay the Eastern Countries farmer better to fill his yards with yearlings during their first winter rather than to fatten older bullocks. This book will be great help to farmers, industrialists, consultants, researchers, students, other concerned people and for those who wants to venture in to this field. Contents Chapter 1: Beef Production as a Component of British Farming; Chapter 2: The Development of British Beef Breeds by Robert Bakewell; Chapter 3: Breeding: Variation and its Basis; Chapter 4: Selection; Chapter 5: Methods of Breeding; Chapter 6: Adaptation of Breeding and Strains; Chapter 7: Growth, Development and Body Form in Cattle; Chapter 8: Beef Quality; Chapter 9: Nutrition Scientific Principles; Chapter 10: Nutrition Feeding Standard and their Applications; Chapter 11: Beef from the Dairy Industry; Chapter 12: Fattening of Cattle; Chapter 13: Beef Cattle on Hill and Marginal Land by A G Davis; Chapter 14: Economic Considerations.
  • Perspective Of Extension Education

    M M Adhikary

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  • Encyclopaedia Of Rural Management In 15 Vols

    Manoj Kumar, S B Muniraju

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    The encyclopedia covers wide horizons and deals with various issues related to rural management viz. Changes in rural income and distribution, employment opportunities, rural welfare, water and other resources management together with other aspects of global rural life. This is an attempt to understand the problems in the development of rural sector and to suggest certain management strategies in this regards.
    The Encyclopedia of Rural Management comprises of volumes as under:
    Role of International Organisations in Rural Development
    Empowerment of Rural Women
    Rural Development and Gandhian Thoughts
    Rural Sociology
    Rural Infrastructure Management Programmes
    WTO and Agriculture
    Rural Development Challenges and Opportunities for Tomorrow
    Rural Health Care Programmes
    Rural Energy Programmes
    Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Institutions
    Rural Groundwater: Problems and Management
    Agricultural Waste Management
    Rural Environmental Management
    Poverty Alleviation and Rural Development
    Rural Child Labour
  • Geoinformation Photogrammetry Remote Sensing, GIS And GPS In 3 Vols

    N V Prasad

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  • Elements Of The Nature And Properties Of Soils

    W L Gusau

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    Soil are vital, fragile, finite natural resources that are essential for the sustained production of food and fiber. Good physical and chemical properties supply the right environment and sufficient nutrients to the organisms for optimal biological activity. This in turn improves the physical and chemical properties through improved soil structure and nutrient cycling. This book is divided into twelve chapters which mainly cover introduction, properties of soil, essential plant nutrients, soil horizon development and layers, horizons and characteristics diagnostic for mineral soils, organic soil materials, weathering of rocks and minerals, classification of soils and soil farming processes. This book would be highly useful for students, teachers and researchers of soil science, agricultural chemistry, agronomy, geology, ecology, microbiology and environmental sciences.
  • Production Diseases Of Dairy Animals

    Neelesh Sharma

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  • Workers Participation In Managerial Decision-Making: A Study In A Developing Country

    M A Mannan

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  • Key Notes On Agriculture Chemistry And Soil Science (PB)

    J V Patil, U D Chavan

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  • Song Birds Of Southern India: Towards A New Paradigm Of Song, Species And Genetics Of Evolution

    Namratha Mogaral

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  • Key Notes On Food Science And Technology (PB)

    J V Patil, U D Chavan

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