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  • Vrikshayurvedic Farming: The Traditional Indian Agriculture

    M R Nandhakumar, C Swaminathan

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  • Marine Algae: Biodiversity Taxonomy Environmental Assessment And Biotechnology

    Joao M Ne, Leonel Pereira

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    This book is divided into three thematic areas. The first covers a revision of the taxonomy of algae, based on the algae portal, as well as the general aspects of biology and the methodologies used in this branch of marine biology. The second subject area focuses on the use of algae in environmental assessment, with an intensive implementation in Western economies and some emerging economies. The third topic is the potential use of algae in various industries including food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, agricultural fertilizers, and the emerging biofuels industries.
  • Biostatistics

    T Pullaiah, B Ravindra Reddy, K L A P Sarma

    Item Code: #9788170359234

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  • Vistas In Palynology Perspectives And Prospects

    P K Nair

    Item Code: #9781555282851

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  • Legumes: Their Production, Improvement And Protection

    P PMahendran, S Murugan

    Item Code: #9788189304706

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  • Recent Trends In Biotechnology

    T Pullaiah, N Rama Swamy

    Item Code: #9788189233228

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  • Phytoplankton Of The Indian Seas: An Aspect Of Marine Botany

    R Santhanam

    Item Code: #9788170350286

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  • Handbook Of Field And Herbarium Methods

    R R Rao, S K Jain

    Item Code: #9788170195436

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  • Algal Flora Of Sundarbans Mangal

    Kumudranjan Naskar, Neera Sen

    Item Code: #9788170352860

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  • Phycology: Principles, Processes And Applications

    Amrik Singh Ahluwalia

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    Time seems ripe for the application of phycological research in various disciplines of biology. Algal organisms, due to their small size, wider distributional pattern, a short life span, easily manipulative inorganic nutrition, and other useful attributes, have attracted developmental biologists, geneticists, biotechnologists, microbiologists, physiologists, environmentalists, zoologists and forensic scientists alike. These organisms have a wide range of application in a spectrum of areas comprising agriculture, aquaculture, environment and in a variety of industrial and food products. This book Phycology: Principles, Processes and Applications, provides comprehensive updated reviews on several important aspects of phycology. The volume comprises of 24 chapters, which are grouped in five sections. The chapters cover a variety of topics ranging from systematics and ultrastructure, physiology and ecology, molecular biology and biotechnology, an applications. Towards an end, few chapters on methods and techniques are of special interest to the budding phycologists.
  • Advances In Pollen Spore Research Vol. 02

    P K Nair

    Item Code: #9788170191575

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  • International Bioscience Monographs Vol 12: Hosts And Non Hosts Of Plant Viruses

    J Horavath

    Item Code: #9788170190967

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