Intensive Biofloc Nursery System For Vannamei Shrimp

S Felix,Ezhilmathi, S

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  • ISBN: AST002785

  • No. of Pages: 98

  • Imprint: Scholars World

  • Publisher: Scholars World

  • Year: 2021

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'The book entitled Intensive Biofloc Nursery System for Vannamei Shrimp deals with the nursery rearing of P. vannamei in Biofloc based systems that can improve the digestive enzyme activity and immune response of the shrimp. High-density intensive nursery systems need a high amount of feed and other inputs. They also have a few disadvantages, such as organic waste accumulation and water quality problems. In view of this, biofloc technology has been developed for commercial aquaculture systems. This book covers the biofloc production technology, biofloc use in intensive nursery rearing system of P. vannamei, biofloc in feed utilization, the bioavailability of biofloc, and extracellular enzyme activity. It also deals with the nutrient absorption, growth enhancement, and growth performance of P. vannamei juveniles raised in indoor nursery raceway systems. This book will be useful not Read more

About the Author/Editor

S. Ezhilmathi has completed his M.F.Sc (Master of Fisheries Science) in Aquaculture from Tamil Nadu Dr. J. Jayalalithaa Fisheries University, Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu. He won DSA Gold medal for the best M.F.Sc thesis in Aquaculture, Dr. T. M. Samocha Gold medal for the best M.F.Sc thesis in Aquaculture, Best paper award in Agriculture scientific Tamil society (SCITSA), New Delhi, India and the TNJFU Appreciation Award for the Development of "NUTRIFLOC" Technology. He also participated in several national and international conferences. He authored four research articles, five semi-scientific articles and a book chapter on recent aquaculture techniques. He has also contributed as co-author in many training manuals prepared for the fish farmer's trainings organized by TNJFU. Prof. S. Felix has 38 years of teaching and research experience in aquaculture. He is the Past President Read more


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