Biology And Culture Potential Of Chitala Chitala

Anisa Mitra , Pratap Kumar Mukhopadhyay , Sumit

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  • ISBN: 9789390384051

  • No. of Pages: 112

  • Imprint: Scholars World

  • Publisher: Scholars World

  • Year: 2018

  • Biblio: xiii+89., figs., tabls.,

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'The humped featherback, Chitala chitala (Hamilton, 1822) represents an important fishery resource in different parts of South-East Asia and particularly in India. But due to overexploitation and habitat degradation this species has been categorised as endangered (EN) in the Conservation Assessment and Management Plan, 1998 and Near threatened by IUCN (2014). Therefore, large-scale farming would not only ensure the sustainable resource utilisation and biodiversity conservation, but also will help to widen the consumers preference for this new candidate species to diversify Indian freshwater aquaculture. For the successful culture practice the entire knowledge on the particular species is very important. Thus, we have made an effort to compile all the available information from different national and international publications with some very interesting data collected from the farmers Read more

About the Author/Editor

Dr. Anisa Mitra completed her M.Phil. in Fisheries Management from University of Calcutta and obtained her Ph.D. from Department of Zoology, Fisheries and Aquaculture Division, University of Calcutta. She started her career as a Lecturer (Zoology) in St. Pauls Cathedral Mission College, Kolkata. Presently, Dr. Mitra is working as Lecturer in Zoology, New Alipore College, University of Calcutta. Dr. Pratap Kumar Mukhopadhyay obtained Ph.D. from University of Calcutta. He was a Post doctoral fellow at the Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling, U.K. He worked as a Senior Scientist at the International Rice Research Institute and served as FAO Consultant in Aquaculture in Kenya and Uganda. He retired as a Principal Scientist from ICAR-CIFA, Regional Centre, Rahara, Kolkata. Prof. (Dr.) Sumit Homechaudhuri (M.Phil., Ph.D.) started his career as a Lecturer in Zoology, Darjeeling Read more


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