Agro-based Adsorbents For Chromium Removal

Sohail Ayub

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  • ISBN: 9789386071293

  • No. of Pages: 154

  • Imprint: Scholars World

  • Publisher: Scholars World

  • Year: 2017

  • Biblio: xviii+136p., figs., tabls., 25 cm

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'The book provides extensive technical information about performance of agro- based adsorbents for the treatment of metal plating wastewater, hexavalent chromium toxicity, various industrial wastewater treatment methods, adsorption and its classification, evaluation of agriculture waste performance in the removal of hexavalent chromium bearing wastewater by adsorption. Using low cost alternative adsorbent is a demanding area in the wastewater treatment technology. Further, activated carbon from biomass has the advantage of offering an effected low cost replacement for non renewable coal based granular activated carbon provided that they have similar or better adsorption efficiency. The effectiveness of various adsorbents under different physico-chemical process parameters and their comparative adsorption capacity towards hexavalent chromium adsorption has also been presented. The Read more

Table of Contents

Acknowledgementsv Prefacevii List of Figuresxiii List of Tablesxvii 1.Introduction1 1.1General 1.2Chemistry of Chromium 1.2.1Use of Chromium 1.2.2Disposal of Chromium 2.lectroplating Operations: Process Details, Wastewater Generation, Treatment Methods and Disposal5 2.1Introduction 2.2lectroplating Processes 2.3Sources of Wastewater 2.3.1General 2.3.2Cleaning Solutions 2.3.3Spent Alkaline and Rinse Waters 2.3.4Acid Pickling and Rinse Waters 2.3.5Cyanide Concentrations 2.3.6Chromate Wastes 2.3.7Metal Wastes from other Plating Wastes 2.3.8Floor Washes 2.3.9Regeneration Wastes 2.3.10Composite Wastewater Concentration 2.4Methods of Plating Waste Treatment 2.4.1Precipitation 2.4.2Ion Exchange 2.4.3Reverse Osmosis 2.4.4Adsorption Process 2.5Disposal of Metal Plating Wastes 3.Adsorption: Adsorption and Review of Recent Investigations19 3.1General 3.1.1Physical Adsorption 3.1.2Chemical Read more

About the Author/Editor

Dr. Sohail Ayub is currently an Associate Professor in Environmental Engineering Section, Department of Civil Engineering, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, U.P., India. He lectures extensively in the area of environmental engineering. With about two decades of various experience, in academic, industries, and consulting, his expertise in environmental engineering covers a variety of first hand practical experience both in field and in the laboratory.


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