Biofloc Based Nursery Raceway Technology For Vannamei Shrimp

S Felix,Menaga, M

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  • ISBN: AST005795

  • No. of Pages: 80

  • Imprint: Scholars World

  • Publisher: Scholars World

  • Year: 2022

  • Biblio: viii+72

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'Nursery Biofloc systems for culturing information are often fragmented and difficult to find in a practical manner. Furthermore, many more technical information on the nursery rearing of vannamei was gathered by trial and error. This book attempts to fill those voids, allowing stakeholders to deploy Biofloc-based culture in expanded vannamei production with greater success. The major goal of this book is to compile all of the essential facts and considerations needed to design and adopt nursery systems using biofloc technology in one place.'

About the Author/Editor

Dr. M. Menaga is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Aquaculture at Tamil Nadu Dr. J Jayalalithaa Fisheries University. She specializes in the field of Aquaculture particularly in the development of innovative and sustainable microbial management strategies through understanding of the host-microbe interaction for enhanced microbial stability of advanced culture systems. Prof. S. Felix has 38 years of teaching and research experience in aquaculture and served as a Vice Chancellor of Tamil Nadu. Dr. J. Jayalalithaa Fisheries University. He has developed over a dozen off-campus facilities and 40 Constituent units for the University all over the state for the benefit of students & farmers, besides creating half a dozen new Fisheries Institutes to impart fisheries education.


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