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  • Healing Herbs Of India

    V K Agarwal, Preeti Sagar Nayak, Anubha Upadhyaya

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    From time unknown Indian medicinal plants have been used to cure and prevent ailments. The pharmacological values of many of these plants have been confirmed by scientific findings. Medicinal and Aromatic plants are rich sources of secondary metabolites like alkaloids, glycosides, steroids, flavoinoids, saponins etc which are potential sources of modern herbal drugs. It is possible that the efficiency of herbs depend on the total cumulative effect of the plant contents rather than on the one or few chemical fractions separated from the herbs. The authentic information regarding use of medicinal plants, active ingredients, pharmacological properties and dosage etc are not available at one place. An efforts thus has been made by us to compile the systematic and proven information in the form of a book. This book in particular caters to the need of all those who are trying to decide whether to use herbs as a form of treatment or an adjunctive treatment or as health promoter or simply as a prophylactic measure for disease prevention and immunity building.
  • Economic Botany Of Angiosperms

    Z Davis

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    Angiosperms represents approximately 80 percent of all the known green plants now living. The angiosperms are vascular seed plants in which the ovule is fertilized and developed into a seed . The present book covers introduction, basic classification of flowers, economic importance, plant taxonomy and ancestor of the flowering plants. It is highly useful for botanists, farmers, students, plant scientists and person engaged in natural economic products.
  • Objective Botany : Question Bank For Civil Service Examinations NET, SET, Ph.D. And Allied Examination(PB)

    T Pullaiah

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    This book presents objective questions from all well-known branches of Botany. As many as 2200 questions have been framed right from Viruses which are invisible to naked eye to the most noticeable Angiosperms and from classical Taxonomy to the Modern Molecular Biology. The questions are compiled to help students appearing for the three coveted exams like Civil services, UGC -CSIR NET and Ph.D. entrance exams. Questions are substantially acquired from different competitive exams and also UGC -CSIR NET. Sections like Cytology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Physiology and Ecology have more questions as these branches are more focused in these exams.
  • Principles Of Biometrical Genetics

    Gorakshanath Shinde, Nandakumar Kute

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  • Handbook Of Weed Science

    Eiohze Maalouf

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  • Key Notes On Plant Biotechnology (PB)

    Venkata R Prakash Reddy

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  • Ethnomedicine For Human And Veterinary Development

    Ashis Kumar Ghosh

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    Plant are value added for the content and chemical composition of their active components. The demand on Plant-based therapeutics has increased many fold in both developing and developed countries due to the growing recognition that they are natural products. Being non-narcotic, having to side-effects, easily available at affordable prices. There is a growing demand for plant-based medicines, bio-ceramic dresses, health products, pharmaceuticals, food supplements, cosmetics etc. international market of green medicine is over US$ 60 billion per year, which is growing at the rate of 7 %.
    Medicinal plants research has undergone a phenomenal growth during last two decades. Worldwide trend towards the utilization of natural plant remedies has created an enormous need for high tech low cost solution and information about the properties and uses of the medicinal plants. Based on the rationale, present book comprising and produces the Ethnomedicine from over 20 original papers in India and abroad, on a wide range of topics in the areas of Ethnomedicine and Pisciculture.
    It is hope the book will open new knowledge and further lead to research in new drugs of natural origin and serve as good source for further work to sustainable rural development through reintroduction of native plants and biodiversity conservation.
  • Ecological And Anatomical Marvels Of The Himalayan Orchids: Progress In Ecology Vol 8

    Purshotam Kaushik

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  • Plant Virus That Becomes Friendly

    Subrata Kumar Ghosh

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  • Sedges And Grasses Of Eastern Uttar Pradesh In 2 Vols

    Ajai Kumar Singh

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    This book deals with 86 species and 4 subspecies of Sedges and 234 species and 2 varieties of Grasses of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Though it cover mostly four distcits of Eastern Uttar Pradesh (Varanasi region) but it may be considered for Eastern Uttar Pradesh because the climatic conditions of other areas of Eastern Uttar Pradesh are more or less similar to the area covered. Besides the systematic treatments, General description, Climate, Previous study, Morphology, flowering and fruiting time, Habitat, Distribution etc. of each taxon have been described. Appendices includes check-list of sedges and grasses of 7 districts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Upper Gangetic Plain, Uttar Pradesh and India. Contents Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: General Description and Climate; Chapter 3: Methodology; Chapter 4: Previous Work; Chapter 5: Systematic Treatments; Artificial key to the families, The family cyperaceae, Morphological characters of the family cyperceae, Systematic treatments of the family cyperaceae, The family poaceae, Morphological characters of the family poaceae, systematic treatments of the Family poaceae.
  • Remedies Of Malnutritional Cancer By Edible Plants

    Govind Pandey

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  • Glimpses Of Phycology In India

    Madhavi Srivastava, O N Srivastava

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