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  • Animal Biotechnology: Models In Discovery And Translation

    Ashish S Verma

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    "Animal Biotechnology introduces applications of animal biotechnology and implications for human health and welfare. It begins with an introduction to animal cell cultures and genome sequencing analysis and provides readers with a review of available cell and molecular tools. Topics here include the use of transgenic animal models, tissue engineering, nanobiotechnology, and proteomics. The book then delivers in-depth examples of applications in human health and prospects for the future, including cytogenetics and molecular genetics, xenografts, and treatment of HIV and cancers. All this is complemented by a discussion of the ethical and safety considerations in the field. Animal biotechnology is a broad field encompassing the polarities of fundamental and applied research, including molecular modeling, gene manipulation, development of diagnostics and vaccines, and manipulation of tissue. Given the tools that are currently available and the translational potential for these studies, animal biotechnology has become one of the most essential subjects for those studying life sciences."
  • Biotechnology Of Environment: Application And Implications

    Vir Singh

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    Biotechnology and Environment are the burning issue of our times. Through the applications of biotechnology we are exploring new possibilities of life, living-systems, socioeconomic systems and many more things ranging from bacteria to large animals, from environmental sanitation to human health, from agriculture to industry, and from non-existent to prospective existent. Every walk of life, in essence, is now under the command of biotechnology. What is biotechnology up to? How the applications of biotechnology help in environmental management? What are the highly useful applications that mitigate environmental problems, including global warming led climate change? What are the genetically modified organisms up to? What are the implications of biotechnology that could be unleashed? And what could be the potential implications of the applications of biotechnology? All these facets of biotechnology have been intensively discussed in various chapters of the book contributed by some of the well-known experts in environmental science, biophysics, nanotechnology, biochemistry, plant physiology, biotechnology, and environmental engineering. The book is pretty interesting and stimulating for all those committed to the cause of our environment and planet Earth.
  • Natural Products: Research Reviews Vol 4

    Vijay Kumar Gupta

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  • Biotechnology: Progress And Applications

    Saif Hameed, Zeeshan Fatima

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  • Molecular Marker Systems In Plant Breeding And Crop Improvement: Biotechnology In Agriculture And Forestry 55

    Gerhard Wenzel, Horst Lorz

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  • Biotechnological And Biorational Approaches For Pest And Disease Management

    Homeswar Kalita

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  • Comprehensive And Molecular Phytopathology

    Yu T Dyakov

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  • Biotechnology For Sustainable Utilization Of Bioresources

    H N Thatoi, Nayak, S K

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  • Trends In Bioenergetics And Biotechnological Processes

    G S Singhal

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  • Biotechnology Of Plantation Crops

    P Chowdappa

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  • Basic Microbiology: A Illustrated Laboratory Manual

    B K Khuntia

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  • Biotechnology Development: The Asian Experience (PB)

    Wagdy A Sawahel

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    One of the most significant technological developments in recent years has been in the field of biotechnology-the application of scientific and engineering principles to the processing of materials by biological agents to provide goods and services for agriculture, industry and medicine. Most Asian countries identified biotechnologies as key technologies for future and assigned to them the highest priority for both scientific and industrial development. This monograph reflects the state of biotechnology development in some Asian countries, rich and poor, developed and developing. It is aimed at policy makers whose support is essential to any meaningful biotechnology programme-in order to inform them of the Asian experience in biotechnology development and to stimulate collaboration between biotechnology communities.

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