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  • Applied Production Technology Of Vegetables

    Pradeep Kumar Singh

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    The book on Applied Production Technology of Vegetables constitutes on nutritive values, types of vegetables based on botanical and other factors, nursery seed bed and inter cultural practices, vegetable seed and sowing methods, nursery management, micro-irrigation and fertigation in major vegetables, importance of mulching in vegetables, important varieties/hybrids in vegetable crops, seed production and testing procedure in vegetable crops, post harvest losses in vegetable crops and procedure for varietal testing and releasing steps in India, Some informative appendix and lastly glossary which is useful for vegetable production. This book contained document aimed at imparting elementary knowledge to the under-graduate and post graduate students, professionals, state horticulture department and others who have interest in gaining basic knowledge in the field of vegetable production. This book aimed at providing systematic information on the applied vegetable production techniques aspects of vegetable crops at a single source. The book has been written in simple language, which is easy to understand.
  • Crop Improvement For Sustainability

    Sunil Kumar, Ram C Yadav, Sandeep Kumar, Pawan Kumar Yadav

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  • Organic Farming And Management Of Biotic Stresses

    Samir Pal, Samir Kumar Biswas

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  • Agricultural Chemistry

    W L Gusau

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    Agricultural chemistry must be considered within the context of the soil ecosystem in which living and non living components interact in complicated cycles that are critical to all living things. The present book contains nine chapters which include introduction, environment of soil chemistry, chemical composition of the soil, organic constituents of soil, constituents of soil chemistry, agricultural management in soil chemistry, soil genesis, soil landscape modeling system and soil and plant nutrients. This book serves as good source of information to agricultural scientists and students studying agriculture, soil science and agricultural chemistry, agricultural biochemistry and scholar interesting in agricultural chemistry.
  • Destructive And Useful Insect

    C L Metcalf, R L Metcalf, W P Flint

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    Insects are small creatures that are unavoidable by humans and others animals. Their impacts in the universe are so numerous that they cannot be exhausted. This immense book is a complete source of valuable information on insects. The first ten chapters describe the fundamentals of technical entomology and the later chapters of the book are devoted to an analysis of the more important insect pest of the major crops. It is hoped that the book will be highly useful not only for students, teachers, researchers of entomology, zoology, plant pathology, botany and extension personnel but also to agriculturist, horticulturists, foresters, veterinarians and laymen dealing with insects pest and their management.
  • Biodiesel Jatropha Curcas (A Promising Source)

    Mohammad Ashraf Khan

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  • Storage Of Cereal Grains And Their Products

    J A Anderson

    Item Code: #9789381617021

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  • Irrigation And Interlinking Of Indian Rivers

    Thakur Shailendra Nath

    Item Code: #9788170359166

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  • Impact Of Global Warming And Climate Change On Human And Plant Health

    Arun Arya, V S Patil

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  • Control Of Water Pollution From Agriculture

    FAO, Edwin D Ongley

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  • Developing Hill Agriculture

    Gursharan Singh Kainth

    Item Code: #9788186030981

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  • Silkworm Egg Science: Principles And Protocols

    Mohammad Ashraf Khan, Madan Mohan Bhat, T Singh

    Item Code: #9788170356639

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