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  • Cleaner Production And Energy Conservation For Sustainable Development

    C Jayaraman, Jurgis Staniskis

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  • Development Of Ovule And Seed Coat Structure In Angiosperms

    F Bouman

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  • Third World Development Experience: Tanzania

    S Chandrasekhar

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    The book deals, extensively with the underdeveloped African State of Tanzania. It is predominantly an agricultural economy, mostly a subsistence one. The author has delved deep into the problems confronted by Tanzania in its developmental process. The development problems of Tanzania are extremely heterogeneous varying widely, from one region to another. The author has made a reference of the physical impediments in the way of successful implementation of the various developmental schemes. An assessment of the implementation of the policy particularly with regard to the agricultural development aspects of it has been made. The dismal performance of agriculture has been attributed to the formulation of too many policies, along with many other factors. A special reference has been made of the Ujamaa policy. The unrelenting intervention of the government in all activities including agriculture in some form of public enterprise which are known as the parastatals and lack of suitable incentives to participate in the production processes are also held responsible for the sorry state of agriculture. The resource constraints, the increasing trade gap, growing eternal debt, increasing trade gap, falling investment in agriculture and decreased investment in infrastructure, rapid inflation are only some hurdles which are to be surmounted to achieve the final goal. The book will be very useful to the scholars and researchers doing research work on the economics of third world countries. It will also help the policy makers and provide comprehensive study material to a layman.
  • Elements Of Infromation Science

    C G Viswanathan

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  • Ecological Studies On The Fern Flora Of The Palni Hills (S. India)

    V S Manickamand

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  • Perspectives In Primate Biology Vol 1

    Swadesh Seth, P K Seth

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  • Fauna Of British India, Ceylon And Burma - Coleoptera Rhynchophora: Curculionidae

    G A K Marshal

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  • Intellectual Property Rights Management In Developing Countries

    Catherina Caballero, M A M Fernando, Sheila Mavis Nyatlo

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  • Plantation And Agri-Horticultural Resources Of Kerala

    P K Nair

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  • Rattan: Current Research Issues And Prospects For Conservation And Sustainable Development

    FAO, J Dransfield

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    This volume contains the outcome of the Expert Consultation on Rattan Development, held at FAO, Rome from 5 to 7 December 2000, which was jointly organised with the International Network on Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) and co-funded by the Sweedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). The report includes a summary of discussions, recommendations and background papers and is organized according to the four thematic areas considered by the consultation: resources, uses and present action programmes; country reports on the status of rattan resources and uses in Africa and Asia; review of policy, institutional and socio-economic aspects governing the rattan sector; and identification of and discussions on required actions to enhance the sustainable development of the rattan sector. The 20 background paper give a comprehensive overview of the situation and prospects for the development of the rattan sector in Africa and Asia.
  • Nutritional Security: Vegetables & Fruits

    Gajendra Singh Tomar, R R Kumar, Sreshti Bagati

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  • Urbanisation Land Use, Land Degradation And Environment

    Ahmet Ruhi Mermut, Ali Celik, Munir Ozturk

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