Biotechnology Of Environment: Application And Implications

Vir Singh

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  • ISBN: 9788176222761

  • No. of Pages: 282

  • Imprint: Biotech

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  • Year: 2013

Biotechnology and Environment are the burning issue of our times. Through the applications of biotechnology we are exploring new possibilities of life, living-systems, socioeconomic systems and many more things ranging from bacteria to large animals, from environmental sanitation to human health, from agriculture to industry, and from non-existent to prospective existent. Every walk of life, in essence, is now under the command of biotechnology. What is biotechnology up to? How the applications of biotechnology help in environmental management? What are the highly useful applications that mitigate environmental problems, including global warming led climate change? What are the genetically modified organisms up to? What are the implications of biotechnology that could be unleashed? And what could be the potential implications of the applications of biotechnology? All these facets of biotechnology have been intensively discussed in various chapters of the book contributed by some of the well-known experts in environmental science, biophysics, nanotechnology, biochemistry, plant physiology, biotechnology, and environmental engineering. The book is pretty interesting and stimulating for all those committed to the cause of our environment and planet Earth.

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