Biofertilizers Technology: Importance And Their Uses

Eric Davis

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  • ISBN: 9789387642584

  • No. of Pages: 256

  • Imprint: Agri Horti Press

  • Publisher: Agri Horti Press

  • Year: 2018

Biofertilizers from microorganisms can replace chemical fertilizers to increase crop production. BIofertilizers are less expensive and are more environmental friendly than chemical fertilizers. The present book contains ten chapters which include introduction, biofertilizers, weed management in organic farming, organic manures and biofertilizers, advantage of biofertilizers, microbial biofertilizers, application of biofertilizers, green manuring and profitability of small organic farming. This book has been written for agricultural planners, soil scientists, biologists, microbiologists, students, teachers, fertilizer industry and organization engaged in biofertilizers production.

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Preface v 1. Introduction 1 2. Biofertilizers 28 3. Weed Management in Organic Farming 50 4. Nutrient Management in Organic Farming 87 5. Organic Manures and Biofertilizers 132 6. Advantages of Biofertilizers 150 7. Microbial Biofertilizers 158 8. Application of Biofertilizers 177 9. Green Manuring 201 10. Profitability of Small Organic Farming 234 Bibliography 245 Index 247

Dr. Eric Davis has long experience in teaching, research and extension in the College of Agriculture, Hawassa University, Awassa, Ethiopia. Currently Dr. Davis serving as Consultant. His research areas include organic farming, biofertilizers and biopesticides. He has participated, delivered lectures and chaired sessions at various international conferences and symposium.


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