Sedges And Grasses Of Eastern Uttar Pradesh In 2 Vols

Ajai Kumar Singh

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  • ISBN: 9788170354635

  • No. of Pages: 892

  • Imprint: Daya Publishing House

  • Publisher: Daya Publishing House

  • Year: 2007

This book deals with 86 species and 4 subspecies of Sedges and 234 species and 2 varieties of Grasses of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Though it cover mostly four distcits of Eastern Uttar Pradesh (Varanasi region) but it may be considered for Eastern Uttar Pradesh because the climatic conditions of other areas of Eastern Uttar Pradesh are more or less similar to the area covered. Besides the systematic treatments, General description, Climate, Previous study, Morphology, flowering and fruiting time, Habitat, Distribution etc. of each taxon have been described. Appendices includes check-list of sedges and grasses of 7 districts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Upper Gangetic Plain, Uttar Pradesh and India. Contents Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: General Description and Climate; Chapter 3: Methodology; Chapter 4: Previous Work; Chapter 5: Systematic Treatments; Artificial key to the families, The family cyperaceae, Morphological characters of the family cyperceae, Systematic treatments of the family cyperaceae, The family poaceae, Morphological characters of the family poaceae, systematic treatments of the Family poaceae.

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