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  • Chara Utpadan Tatha Sanrakshan

    Jai Singh, Sant Prasad

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  • Participatory Rural Appraisal: A Case Study Approach And Implementation

    Rajib Deb, Sandeep Kumar, Abhijit Khadatkar, Anshuman Singh, Jaya Jumrani, Rameshwar Prasad Sah, Shantanu Basak, Sushil Yadav

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  • Food Safety Management: A Practical Guide For The Food Industry

    Yasmine Motarjemi

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  • Research Methodology In Extension Education

    Dileep Kumar Dangi, Moti Lal Meena, K S Kadian

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    This book is written as a reference book to full fill the demand of such book for the students and faculty of the postgraduate and doctorate students. It covers all most all topics of research methodology needed for NET/JRF/SRF/ARS and entrance examinations of IARI and NDRI etc. competitions. It is a useful hand book for the students and teachers of the social science faculty. About 800 multiple choice questions related to research methodology are given in this book to provide a question bank for the readers, in last chapter glossary is given in to provide quick review of the terminology related to research methodology in social sciences. Other chapters like measurement, research designs, methods of data collection, sampling methods, type of research designs and parametric and non-parametric statistics are given in detail to make it a complete book for research methodology. All the complex material is presented in lucid form to make the book easy to grasp for students.
  • Soil Health Management In Plantation Crops

    P Chowdappa, H P Maheswarappa

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  • Scientific Writing Made Simple: A To Z Of Scientific Writing

    Mukesh Pasupuleti

    Item Code: #9788170355335

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    All around the world scientist and researchers are busy identifying and studying the dynamics of nature in which e live. Strangely, no experiment is complete until the results have been published and understood by a large group of individual. Communication of results contributes to the knowledge within your discipline and very often provides information that helps others to interpret their own experimental results. This book explains in detail the basic principles involved in writing your sciennntific manuscripts and thesis for publication in reputed journals. This book is indispensable for any researcher. Tor a quick helping hand checklist is included for every possible chapter. The book starts with explanations regarding strategies neet dto be followed for a successful translation from a bench student. This book is intended to be the companinon to any researchers and students with all essential resources that saves time and prevent frustration during your work.
  • Vistas In Palynology Perspectives And Prospects

    P K Nair

    Item Code: #9781555282851

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  • Plant Diseases: Their Causes And Control

    Sudhir Chowdhury

    Item Code: #9788176221757

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  • Fish Biotechnology And Genetics

    N L Nyan

    Item Code: #9789387642690

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  • Objective Plant Pathology

    Ashok Singh Yadav, Omprakash Bharti, R K Pandya, Ravi Yadav, S K Arsia

    Item Code: #9788176224192

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  • Microbial Biodiversity In Sustainable Agriculture

    Ram Chandra

    Item Code: #9789351243304

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  • Transforming Biomedical Education For The Gene Age (PB)

    Wagdy A Sawahel, Daniel M Okenu

    Item Code: #9788170351733

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