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Agricultural Acarology by Chhillar, B. S. & Gulati, Rachna & Bhatnagar, Praduman
9789383129072             Rs 7300.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xii+355p., col. plts., figs., ind., 23 cm
Animal Diversity: Natural History and Conservation Vol. 2 by Vijay Kumar Gupta, Anil K. Varma
9789351301271             Rs 10100.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xiii+490p., col. plts., figs., tabls., ind., 25 cm
Animal Diversity: Natural History and Conservation Vol. 3 by Vijay Kumar Gupta, Anil K Verma
9789351301264             Rs 9400.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xiii+458p., col. plts., figs., tabls., ind., 25 cm
Animal Science Research: New Dimensions by Kumar, Arvind ed
9789351300038             Rs 5200.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
x+262p., figs., tabls., ind., 25 cm
Animal Welfare: Assessing Animal Welfare Standards in Zoological and Recreational Parks in South East Asia by Agoramoorthy, Govindasamy
9788170358497             Rs 4900.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xvi+228p., 28 col. plts., figs., tabls., bib.,ind., 23 cm
Basic and Applied Entomology an Encyclopedia by Kumawat, K. C. & Kumawat, S. R.
9789383129881             Rs 10400.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
ix+512p., bib., 25 cm
Biodiversity in India Vol. 5 by Pullaiah, T
9788189233884             Rs 6900.00 (Library)
Regency Publications
viii+337p., col. plts., tabls., ind., 25 cm
Biodiversity in India Vol. 6 by Pullaiah, T. & Reddy, K. Jaganmohan
9789351301318             Rs 6700.00 (Library)
Regency Publications
vii+329p., col.plts., figs.,tabls.,ind., 25 cm
Biodiversity in Indian Scenarios by Ramakrishanan, N
9789383129102             Rs 7000.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xiv+338p., figs., tabls., ind., 23 cm
Biological Diversity and its Conservation by Sharma, Dushyant K. & Singh, R. P.
9789351300076             Rs 3300.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xviii+148p.,col.plts.,figs.,tabls.,ind., 23 cm
Biostatistics by Sarma, K.L.A.P & Pullaiah, T. & Reddy , B. Ravindra
9789351301295             Rs 4700.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
ix+228p.,figs.,tabls., 25 cm
Biotechnological Approaches for the Integrated Management of Crop Diseases by Mayee, C. D. & Manoharachary, Prof. C. & Tilak, Prof. K.V.B.R. & Mukadam, Prof. D.S. & Deshpande, Dr. Jayashree
9788170358404             Rs 6800.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xxvi+315p., col. plts., figs., tabls., ind., 25 cm
Crickets and Household Pests by Sathe, T. V. & Awate, Manisha R.
9789383129591             Rs 3600.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
viii+171p., plts., 115 figs., tabls., ind., 23 cm
Dragonflies and Pest Management by Sathe, T. V. & Shinde, K. P.
9789383129867             Rs 3700.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
vii+179p., 56 figs., tabls., bib., ind., 23 cm
Dragonflies Production Technology by Sathe, T.V.
9789351301349             Rs 2200.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
ix+102p.,col.,plts.,figs.,tabls., 23 cm
Ecobiology of Aquatic Insects by Kumar, Arvind & Kaur, Harbhajan
9789383129386             Rs 5200.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xi+247p., col. plts., tabls., ind., 23 cm
Ecological Studies: New Horizons by Kumar, Arvind
9789383129393             Rs 6100.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
ix+294p., figs., tabls., ind., 25 cm
Ecology of Plankton by Kumar, Arvind
9789383048830             Rs 7400.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xi+360p., figs., tabls., ind., 25 cm
Emerging Trends in Fisheries and Aquaculture by Sakhare, V.B.
9789351301363             Rs 5500.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xiii+261p., col. plts., figs., tabls., 25 cm
Environmental Biotechnology and Biodiversity Conservation by Das, Mihir Kumar
9789383129218             Rs 5400.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xiii+258p., 5 col. plts., figs., ind., 23 cm
Environmental Issues and Options by Mishra, C S K & Kim, J.W. & Saxena, Amita
9789383048175             Rs 10100.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
vii+499p., figs., tabls., ind., 23 cm
Environmental Studies by Dhankhar, Rajesh
9789383129423             Rs 5100.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xi+244p., figs., tabls., bib., gloss., 22 cm
Glimpses of Animal Biodiversity by Muthuchelian, Dr. K.
9788170358855             Rs 5300.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xi+252p., figs.,col.plts.,tables.,ind., 25 cm
Handbook on Economic Entomology by Shukla, Abhishek
9789383048007             Rs 5100.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
vii+247p., figs., tabls., ind., 25 cm
Indian Pest Aphids by Sathe, T. V. & Jadhav, B. V.
9789351300540             Rs 4400.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
vii+211p., 195 figs., tabls., bib., ind., 23 cm
Indian Pest Parasitoids by Sathe, T. V. & Inamdar, S. A. & Dawale, R. K.
9789383129478             Rs 3100.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
viii+145p., plts., figs., tabls., bib., ind., 23 cm
Inland Water Ecology of India by Majagi, Shashikanth H.
9789351301417             Rs 5600.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xvi+266p., col. plts., figs., tabls., 23 cm
Insect Pest and Disease Management by Prasad, D.
9789383129720             Rs 11900.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xii+585p., col., plts., bib., ind., 25 cm
Insect Pest Management: Ecological Concepts by Sathe, T V & Oulkar, Jyoti M
9789383048267             Rs 4900.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
viii+235p., col., figs., tabls., ind., 23 cm
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