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Children Studies
Evaluation of Women Dairy Project in Rajasthan by Rao, V. M.
9788187498858             Rs 350.00
Regency Publications
Harassed Husbands (Second Revised Edition) by Kusum
9788187498643             Rs 200.00
Regency Publications
87 pages
In Search of Praxis theology for the Nagas by Nuh, V. K.
9788187498636             Rs 595.00
Regency Publications
Social Defence: An Indian Perspective by Bhattacharyya, Sunil K.
9788187498667             Rs 500.00
Regency Publications
Eco-Degradation Biodiversity and Health by Pandey, B. N.
9788170352716             Rs 1695.00
Daya Publishing House
ix+335p., figs., tabls., ind., 23 cm
Women Population of North East India: A Study of Gender Geography by Kar, Bimal K.
9788187498582             Rs 795.00
Regency Publications
Constraints in Development of Manipur by Thomas, C Joshua & Gopalakrishnan, R. & Singh, R. K. Ranjan
9788187498308             Rs 290.00
Regency Publications
xiii+148p.,tabls., 23 cm
Research Priorities in North East India: With Special Reference to Arunachal Pradesh by Das, Gurudas
9788187498407             Rs 150.00
Regency Publications
Research Priorities in North East India: With Special Reference to Assam by Gopalakrishnan, R
9788187498414             Rs 150.00
Regency Publications
Research Priorities in North East India: With Special Reference to Manipur by Zehol, Lucy
9788187498391             Rs 150.00
Regency Publications
Research Priorities in North East India: With Special Reference to Mizoram by Gassah, L. S.
9788187498384             Rs 150.00
Regency Publications
Socio-Economic Analysis of Nurses by Mohanty, Subhransubala
9788170352433             Rs 495.00
Daya Publishing House
xiv+164p., 23 tabls., 24 figs., ind., 23 cm
Juvenile Justice: An Indian Scenario by Bhattacharya, Sunil K.
9788187498070             Rs 595.00
Regency Publications
xii+216p., 23 cm
Status of Social Sciences in the Vernacular Languages in North East India by Singh, J. P. & Syiemlieh, D. R. & Thomas, C. J.
9788187498155             Rs 250.00
Regency Publications
xvi+103p.,tabls., 23 cm
Granth Be Thy Guru: Guru Maneyo Granth (PBK) by Singh, Gursharan
9788187498049             Rs 120.00
Regency Publications
viii+135p.,bib., 23 cm
Achievement Motivation of Girl Students: Socio Cultural andreligious Determinants by Puri, Lovely
9788186030998             Rs 895.00
Regency Publications
Survey of Research in Geography on North East India (1970-1990) by Bhagabati, Abani K. & Kar, Bimal K.
9788186030899             Rs 165.00
Regency Publications
Growing Old Mirthfully (Pbk) by Talwar, A.P.
8186030700PBK             Rs 170.00
Regency Publications

Ethnicity in Manipur: Experiences Issues and Perspectives by Zehol, Dr. Lucy
9788186030516             Rs 225.00
Regency Publications
x+135p.,figs.,tabls., 23 cm
Growing Old Mirthfully by Talwar, A. P.
9788186030707             Rs 995.00
Regency Publications
vi+265p., 23 cm
Trends in Social Sciences and Humanities in North East India (1947-97) by Singh, J. P. & Gopalakrishnan, R. & Gassah, L. S. & Syiemlieh, D. R. & Thomas, C. J.
9788186030790             Rs 250.00
Regency Publications
Adolescent Orphan Girls in Delhi: A Sociological Profile by Siddiqui, Noor Jahan
9788186030417             Rs 395.00
Regency Publications
Child Grows by Bhattacharya, Srinibas
9788186580233             Rs 350.00
Associated Publishing Company
v+177p.,bib., 23 cm
Children of Indian Nomads: Studies in Enculturation and Socialization by Ruhela, Satya Pal
9788186030424             Rs 120.00
Regency Publications
vi+70p., 23 cm
Contemporary Approaches to Value Eduation in india by H T Nanda
9788185030463             Rs 500.00
Regency Publications
Fighting Drug Menace: Achievement and Bottlenecks by Bedi, M. S. & Bajpai, P. K.
9788186030400             Rs 895.00
Regency Publications
Socialisation and Education of Nomad Children in Delhi State by Davindera
9788186030448             Rs 250.00
Regency Publications
Collegiate Women Atheletes: A Socio Psychological Profile by Ruhela, Saryu
9788186030325             Rs 750.00
Regency Publications
Offences Against Children: Socio-Legal Perspectives by Kumar, K. & Rani, Punam
9788186030318             Rs 395.00
Regency Publications
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